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stained ceiling Sign In/Join 
there has been water leaking through the bathroom ceiling. the leak is fixed now I put kills on the stain but it came back any advice on how to cover this.
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What is your ceiling composed of? How large of stained area?
My guess is either the leak is not fully stopped or there was just a lot of moisture above the ceiling and it all needs to dry out before any stains stop forming.
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Be sure you are using a stain blocking primer. It should say stain blocker on the can.
Posts: 6716 | Location: North MN & Northern AR | Registered: Oct 01, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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the ceiling is squares made of a composite (cardboard) yes it is dry. and the stain blocker does not seem to be working. I was told to wait a week and stain block again so I will try that.
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Zinser Perma-white worked great for me. Had a bad roof leak, ceiling fell in, not a stain or mold in sight. Check what stain primer goes best with that product. May need to be oil-based.
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The water stains are the hardest to remove. Best option is get the leakage fixed before trying anything. Once the leakage is fixed, paint the walls.
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First of all need to know whether the leaking problem still there? Because you need to solve root cause of staining.
Once it is done you can renovate your ceiling using POP or else, as below image depicts. Just like the new home builders provides the designed ceiling.

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As said above, water stains are tough to cover, even with a stain blocker material. But know your chemistry; a water stain is near impossible to cover with something that is soluble in water. So a water or alcohol based stain blocker isn't going to work. It has to be an oil-based product, and even then it may take more than one coat.

I used to use the original KILZ in a spray can but it was shellac based and thus water soluble. It worked, eventually.
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You may want to consider pulling down the ceiling tiles, scraping off any remaining adhesive and covering the whole ceiling with some 3/8" sheetrock for a new, smooth surface.
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