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  Remodelling a bathroom! Would love input, stores, advice!
Remodelling a bathroom! Would love input, stores, advice! Sign In/Join 
Would love some input! We are remodelling out master bathroom ourselves. I know this is very general but we are in the beginning stages and will be starting this week with buying everything and demolition.

Would love input from anyone that has gone through this - what things did you do that worked really well? What did you wish you would have done? What did you do that you wish you hadn't? I am hoping these boards will be a good place to get help and input throughout our adventure in bathroom remodelling!
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Picture of conrad
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Well ours was not the master, but the main large hall bath. It has a tub and separate stall shower. The shower had mold issues behind the tile, so it needed to be gutted. Pink tile 3/4 way up all the walls and floor! We opted for swanstone in the shower enclosure, and very pleased with that. We had the white tub recoated white, and all the pink tile epoxy coated with a nice cream color the same week. Replaced drop in sink and large tile counter with integrated sink/counter, but kept the custom vanity, just painted it.

Things I would have done different: Torn out all the tile, and replaced instead of having it epoxy coated, probably replaced the tub too. (It would have been a big mess at the time, and this seemed easier, but years later wish it were different). I would have put in a comfort height elongated toilet instead of standard elongated. I do like the separate shower stall...instead of a tub shower, at least in that bathroom. Don't skimp on shower valves (non scalding) and other plumbing fixtures. Moen, Kohler, or other top brands will give you much better service. One plumber call (or constant diy repairs) and you have negated what you may have saved on the cheaper ones.

You might look and budget for what you want, but begin and finish demo, prior to buying anything you cannot or have a hassle returning? Sometimes dimensions can vary a bit when everything is torn out.
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Moving drain lines can be a real problem for the inexperienced! Moving water supply lines requires some experience but really isn't difficult.

Otherwise I agree with Conrad.
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The most important item and most costly will be the shower, mainly how it's built. Do some research before you decide or hire anyone.

I recommend a shower with surface waterproofing, not the old traditional type.

Look into it and come back with your questions.


Tile 4 You LLc. Troy Michigan
Certified KERDI & DITRA installer - Tile & Marble
Kerdi Shower Specialist
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Ok! About two months later, we are almost done! I appreciate all of the advice I received from the boards I posted on!
We thought we could just rip everything out and do things as we went along. Instead, we had a guy come and measure for a vanity and had it specially made. We had a guy who came in and did most of the work but we still had to go to the hardware store and search online for odds and ends.
A couple things we purchased that I am so happy about are:

A "standard" bathtub with jets! Love it!

A heated towel bar - I never thought I'd want something like that!

We went for heated floors - loooovvvvee them!

A longer overflow gasket. I know it's not a heated towel bar or anything but during the construction but after the tub was installed, my son took a bath and the dining room below got wet. What the heck? A little setback but nothing we couldn't fix!
Ultimate Overflow Gasket

New towels! Love these!
Front Gate Towels

What a pain it all was but so glad it is over!
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Originally posted by TDP:

A heated towel bar - I never thought I'd want something like that!

We went for heated floors - loooovvvvee them!

I love the heated towel bar idea. I didn't even know that it existed. Go figure.

Christopher R. Johnson
Journeyman Carpenter &
Home Remodeling Expert
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Picture of sjf
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myfave is the tall toilet...had to talk dh into a tub for the hall bath upstairs..he wanted a step-in shower, like we have downstairs, but figured down the line if we ever sell needed a full bath...diodn't get jets but found a deeper tub you could use for soaking (i can't get up and down, sigh)

messed up on the flooring..went with a pretty snap-together, but we didn't realize there was a "hump" in the floor, so had to nail in place...

did get a really nice new ceiling with insulation for sound, downstairs...hated hearing the toilet flush upstairs...and a tub that drains perfectly up, lol...
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Try Cocontest website, I think you can find the solution for your bathroom!
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Advertising is not allowed.
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