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Plumbing vent

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Jun 22, 2012, 10:08 AM
Plumbing vent
I'm so very mad right now. I had (yes, that's right "had") a plumber that I really liked doing the plumbing in our bathroom remodel adventure. He tore all our plumbing out and replaced most with the plastic (sorry, don't know the correct name) plumbing, and diconnected our tub removing the overflow drain/pipe. It was hard working around his priority jobs (which I understand that if someone has a broken pipe it out ranks my situation) but this happened quit a bit during our time together. So, it comes to the point that we have nothing in our bathroom (thank goodness we have a nasty 1/2 bath in the basement to use during this)and he finally sends his sons (which maybe I'm being too picky but I like the person who starts the job to be the one that actually sees it through and finishes it) in to do some work. They got the pedestal sink ready to install, and got us a working toilet (but not caulked, which I thought was a standard prevention measure in case the toilet overflowed) said call when we got our part done (installing beadboard on the walls) 2 days later I call, let them know we're ready to move one to the next step, he aplogizes saying how busy he's been lately and he'll call back to set up a time to finish. That was 4 weeks ago, haven't heard anything from him since. He hasn't billed me yet either, but I'm mad enough right now that he's left me hanging with 1/2 my bath done that I don't even want to pay for the work he has already done. Which brings me to my current vent about our local plumbers...I've called a couple who haven't returned my call to see if they'd like to give me an estimate (fine, they have enough work already I figure) I've had 2 come & look, say they'll draw up an estimate to finish the job and neither has called me. Out of these last 2, I called 1 to remind him that I'm interested in him finishing, he said he'll call later yesterday evening and set up a time to do it. What is wrong with me to actually believe he would call back? He hasn't. This remodel is turning into h***, all I want is to be done. Having a tub I can wash our 2yr. old & 3yr. old in, and not have to use our kitchen sink for it. What is wrong with these people, it doesn't seem to me the way to run a business??? I feel right now that the bath will never function again, because I can't find a plumber to do it.
Jun 22, 2012, 04:13 PM
Bob Fleming
I can understand your rant! The least he could do is call back and apologize. Put your location in your profile as I have done; there might be some plumbers online here who would like to give them some competition.
Jun 27, 2012, 03:54 PM
Thanks Bob, I would've never thought of people searching these forums for business. We finally got a taker and he's suppose to be here tomorrow a.m. to finish the bath (fingers crossed)
Jun 28, 2012, 03:54 PM
In reference to not paying for work done by plumber #1.

In Texas, he could get a work lien placed against your property. Which means that if you do not pay for the work, when the property sells at some point in the future...the work lien will be paid before you get any money from the sale.

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