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Stain or Paint? Sign In/Join 
My master bathroom has white cabinets and I would really like to change the color...I'm thinking black with nickel colored knobs/handles... but should/can I paint them or use a stain...if I paint do I use a interior flat? or can I use a satin finish? or...? any suggestions would be appreciated...
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Go with the paint - more options for colors. Make sure to do a thorough cleaning/rinse first, if you need a primer then take a look at zinser1-2-3 (no sanding!). When painting, use a microfiber roller, as it will have the smoothest finish...have fun!
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You will need to prep, prime (tinted) and then apply a great quality enamel paint. Light sanding between all coats.

If you take a drawer or door front to a pro paint store like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore, they can talk you through the process and recommend the best paint and application. And yes a satin finish is what I would use, as it is often recommended for woodwork/trim in general.
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Another opinion - from one who has painted many kitchen cabinets - for starters, use an oil primer because it adheres better than a latex primer. I prefer Zinsser's Cover Stain. Then an oil enamel for the top coat; it will last much better than a latex paint in a "wet" room.

You cannot stain anything but bare wood; stain by definition has to penetrate into the wood.

I sand lightly and then wipe down with a liquid deglosser before the primer because it improves adhesion. Don't mess with TSP; it is a form of soap and must be rinsed off thoroughly before you prime. What comes as TSP today is no longer the real thing; it has been "improved".

I've never used a microfiber roller but that sounds like a great idea.

For more on the subject, read the paint topic on my website at

Added: You can use a satin or flat finish if you wish, but I would never guarantee it. A gloss finish is the most durable, semi-gloss is next, and flat or satin is least durable.

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