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  side by side refrigerator, freezer is too cold and ice buildup in bottom
side by side refrigerator, freezer is too cold and ice buildup in bottom Sign In/Join 
My side by side refrigerator, freezer portion is building up ice in the bottom and is freezing way too much even when turning it to the warmest setting. We have pulled it out defrosted the bottom, pulled out the bottom pan cleaned it and checked all the connection and vents and they appear to be clear. And it started having ice build up again within 2 days.
Has anybody else had this problem? Any suggestions without having to call someone out? Thanks
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I suspect the setting device has failed, but I am far from an expert on this. I suggest you post your question to in the appliance forum. They have a couple good guys there.

Post the brand and model number for best responses.

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We also had the problem with ice forming in the bottom of the freezer department. We called the appliance repair place and had it cleared many times. The man said it was because things were getting caught and blocking the water egress.

Last time we decided to do the clean out ourselves and realized there was no way that things could be blocking the egress as it was vented with the metal slats in a downward position that was fixed. Anyway whatever we did worked and it has not happened since.

Can't remember if we adjusted the temp or not at that time. But we would have thought of it.
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I'd agree with Bob to go visit the appliance forum at handymanwire. Frost free refrigerator/freezers have a defrost cycle that heats the sides of the compartment up to melt off the frost. I suspect something isn't kicking in to do this. Jeff at the forum will be able to help you out and if a DIY repair is possible he'll direct you to the most likely part you need. Sometimes these problems can be fixed by just doing a complete cleaning and manual defrosting of the unit.

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My advice may be worth exactly what you pay me for it. :-) For the record I did not stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

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Thank you all for your help, we will certainly try these suggestions before calling the appliance repair person. This weekend time to defrost and check everything once again..
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