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  How do you renovate your bathroom when you only have one bath?!
How do you renovate your bathroom when you only have one bath?! Sign In/Join 
Hello! I need to renovate my bathroom, and already have a problem. To gut my bathroom and remodel, it will take about two weeks (per the contractor). Problem is I only have one bathroom.. What am I supposed to do? I am looking for products that don't take as long to install, but can't really find anything. Short if renting a hotel room I'm at a loss.

Has anyone ever worked with Bathfitter? They claim to be able switch the tub/shower in one day. I am not sure about the quality of their product. I had my heart set on a corian tub surround, but it takes a longer amount of time. The bathfitter product looks okay and easy to care for but not really what I had in mind. Any advice? I'm tired if this project already!

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Hi Mike,

I agree the plastic products are not the best for appearance and for adding value to your home. There's also kinda over priced for what you get. One to 2 days of labor and it costs thousands.

Can you describe your house telling us how many rooms, garage, and is there a basement with laundry facilities? I might be able to figure something out as far a bathing goes. For toilet, you buy a portable unit like the type used a small boats.

It's always tough on residents and workers when there's only one bathroom. For the workers you are supposed to supply a porta-john. You can live at a friends house or as you said, a motel down the road. Standard procedure in cases like this.


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If your layout will remain the same, two weeks is way too long. If you're not changing the tub, one week is too long. A good contractor should be able to do the demo in stages to minimize bathroom downtime. If you need a subfloor replacement that will add to the time needed but can also be done in stages. You don't need any tub surround other than plastic sheeting to take quick showers for a couple of days and a three piece corian surround should take only a few hours. Check with some other contractors.
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Having recently undergone a bathroom remodel, I can tell you this may take longer then the contractor estimates. Tho we had another bath, we encountered a problem with one unscrupulous sub who tied up our project that should have taken four weeks to several months. I realize it was a rare case, but other unknowns can stall the project from sickness of subs,emergency jobs, wood rot or mold, parts missing,arriving damaged or on back order, waiting on permits (if applicable), etc. Our vanity took 6 wks. to come in before the Reno began.One of our subs was off a week sick. Some work had to be redone due to the one unscrupulous sub. Overall, the contractor and his good subs came thru and the end result was great, but I would not relish a duplicate experience again.

If I were you, I would ask a good friend, relative or neighbor if they could put me up for the duration insisting on chipping in for costs of my lodging and any other expenses incurred.

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The only thing you really need is the toilet and access to it. Most likely that can be done in a day.

The rest can be done at the kitchen sink. People live without showers by washing up otherwise. Teeth can be brushed, everything washed there. Uncomfortable? Yes. But it can be done without trying to go an inferior route.
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I have to agree with the previous poster. You can find a way to clean your self up. But you need a toilet. We only have one bath and we renovated it before we moved in. Now 20 years later, we spruced it up, kept the same bath tub/shower, just gave the tile a good cleaning up and kept the same toilet. So we were able to get around it. I hope it all works out for you and they get it done quick.

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