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  Quick fixes for ugly kitchen please!
Quick fixes for ugly kitchen please! Sign In/Join 
Hi all...
Looks like I'm going to have to live with my outdated kitchen a little longer than I thought... it is very 70s/80s style with the white laminate cabinets and oak trim, white countertops and ugly flowery backsplash tile with mauve grout! Please please send my ideas and suggestions on how I myself can make a few changes to make it more livable for the time being ... I am handy and willing to paint, retile, etc ... I'm including a picture for your inspiration ... good luck and thanks for your help!!

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These are just my ideas so please don't be offended. You probably have all that stuff on the counter trying to hide the backsplash but it is just visual clutter and draws your eye there.

I understand that tile can now be painted. Try a goggle search. I do know that grout can be painted because I did it on a floor. Paint and then seal.

Replacing the handles might get too expensive but paint the upper ones. I would not think it would hold up on the lower ones you use frequently. I would paint them to match (somewhat) the cabinets so they almost disappear.

Remove the wine glass holder over the sink and put a lighter window treatment.

Is this the kind of things you are hoping for?
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Picture of Grapefruit
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I would paint the cabinets first and then see how you like it. I could live with the backsplash.

Agree, to removing the glass rack. Personally, I would remove that shade and get something made of fabric. Do it one step at a time and see how it feels.
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You could regrout the tile white. If you use a grout removing tool on a dremmel it could be done quickly. You would have to wait 24-48 hours for the grout and sealant to dry.
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Ok, this kitchen looks pretty good actually.
First, completely empty everything from the kitchen. Starting with this blank slate, look carefully at what you can replace(Curtains, knobs, etc..) and what is permanent (appliances, tiles, etc.) The design itself is pretty eye catching so there isn't a need for decorative plates and such.
Clean, polish and buff everything before making any changes. The linear design and compact workspace remind me of IKEA.
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Laminate cabinets can be tricky to paint but I would paint the oak trim white to match the cabinets and replace hardware.
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Thank you to everyone that sent me your ideas on this kitchen! I'm finally through! However, I made the biggest mistake! After priming and painting 55 cabinet doors (yes this kitchen is loaded with cabinets) and then putting them back on .... I decided after they were on that I needed something more to protect the paint finish.... so without thinking, I put polyeurethane on top with a little roller. Now, of course they are looking yellow!!! HELLLPPP!!! What can I do to correct my newly painted cabinets? Do I sand them and repaint???


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What the heck happened with the photo? Can you try to post it again?
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I'm guessing that you used oil-based poly. It will give a yellow cast, and it will probably get darker with time. You should have used latex poly. It will give a very slight, but tolerable, yellowing. It will be better if you let the latex age a couple weeks first.

When I refinished kitchen cabinets I never used anything over the latex finish, except on top of the shelves. There you can use latex poly because dishes cover the surface anyway. Or on top of the shelves you can use clear Contact "paper".
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