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  Help! Culvert in backyard!
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I am new to the message boards. I recently signed my paperwork to start construction on my new home. It will be the final house built in the sub-division. wooded area to the side and back of the house. Only problem is, I have a culvert that drains out of the back yard of my property. I met with the project manager and my sales associate last Saturday to see how we could make this more presentable on the property (it is not running anywhere right now and is just a ditch with standing water in it).. the project manager told he would extend it out of the back of my property to run down the hill. I wish it didn't run on my property at all, but we got a pretty good deal on the house. I have been pressuring the realtor to give me something written out that said they will deal with the issue so it runs out of the back down the hill, she also said she will try to hide it with bushes. I have still not received anything via e-mail or writing which makes me nervous. Anybody have some input on this issue? I appreciate your time. -Bryce
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Why is that culvert there? Is it a culvert? A culvert is usually buried in the ground while a ditch is open although both do the same. move excess water off someplace fairly rapidly.
If there is standing water in there then it is not properly pitched, but the presence of that drain system and standing water should have been a red flag about that piece of property.

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Sorry, I'll be more specific. the culvert (pipe under the ground) runs through our yard and is burried. Towards the back of the property, is the ditch where the water would run out. Currently, there is only the burried pipe and a hole with standing water. They will need to extend the culvert so that it runs down the back of the property, and have a ditch where the water would run out. the water would run past our property line. what my question is, is would you even deal with this, or does it seem like a mess?
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I'm with Kimm. That kind of water problem is a big red flag. Personally? I wouldn't be building a house on that lot until I was totally satisfied and assured by a civil engineer (not the builder) that the drainage issue has been resolved in a way that its not likely to recur. Get it in writing!

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Both of you,

Thank you for the input. I am not comfortable with it. I will have them fix the issue before we break ground. I just talked with her and we are getting it in writing. I will have someone come out and inspect the land before we build. Thank you both so much, that is very helpful.
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I replied on your other post over on the real estate board.

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This is the nightmare we had with water diverted from the road after rain and dumping in a culvert on our property. the culvert kept over flowing rain water on to the property next door and they complained to the town.Our top soil all ran into it as well from the flooding of the too small culvert and in heavy rain fall. When the town workers came to correct the flooding, by enlarging the hole on our land, they took that top soil in a big truck to sell. We had to pay extra for that top soil when we built the house. The town worker told us to go back where we came from when I stopped him and said that dirt should be moved to the back of OUR property it was our top soil that they dug out. Needless to say we sold the property in 9 months. Never buy land that a county, Town, State/city, has a right of way to do anything to.

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