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  Butterfly Plants?
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Hello, I am beginning to plant flowers at our New Jersey home. I would like to plant flowers that attract butterfly's. Can you please give some information on the type of flowers to plant? I would appreciate any help you can provide. Thank you!
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Dill is important for one type of butterfly as their larva eats only this to develop. Milkweeds for another species of butterfly.
Other flower plants...zinnias are great and easy to grow. Anything that has a long bloom time and/or reblooms often should attract them. And try a google search for your area.
You could also call your local county extension office and see if they have a list for your area.

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Most any flower will attract butterflies although those with flat topped blossoms are easier for them to get nectar from. Perhaps this from Morton Arboretum might be of some help.

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You want butterflies; there's no better draw for them than "Buddleia" ..the butterfly bush.
Long arching branches with a spike of flowers at their end that can grow 4" to 10" long.

But, take warning. Buddleia is not a plant that wants to be controlled. It needs lots of space and will produce seeds that will self-seed in no time at all. But, it will guarantee you see butterflies in numbers.

Like bees, most flowering plants will draw butterfies and will polinate as well.
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You may want to check your state's conservation web site. They often provide information on native plants that will attract butterflies. I have a butterfly garden here in Missouri, but I don't think all the plants native here would be native there.

Butterflies also need a place to warm up to fly - a nice flat rock works well and a water source like a bird bath.

Milk weeds (like orange milk weed) are popular plants in my garden.
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Pentas also attract butterflies. In addition to the buddlea, there are other "butterfly plants" to take a look at. Check with the extension service. They ought to have a list of things that do well -- trees, flowers and shrubs.

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Thank you very much everyone for all of your help on this topic. I really appreciate it. I look forward to using the flowers and plants, bushes you suggested. Thank you!
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Also parsley attract larvae. I plant it each year jut for this purpose. They leave me no parsley to and that is alright.
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In addition to the butterfly bush, I always plant salvia which attracts them. Nearby petunia baskets attract them too.
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