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  stain on bluestone porch
stain on bluestone porch Sign In/Join 
Hi. We have a stain on our bluestone porch and need ideas on removing it! It's a brownish ring left behind from a previous flower pot. We've scrubbed and used every kind of soap we could think of. Havn't tried buying any special bluestone cleaning thou? The sun bleached it out some but it's still there. We don't want to place anymore flower pots on the porch this summer scared in the fall we will be left with more stains. Any ideas on what to put under the future pots to discourage a ring of stain? or removing old stain. Thanks
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Since it is brown...wonder if it could be an iron stain? Some potting mixes or fertilizers may have iron in them. Did you try a cleaner that effectively gets iron out? Even some common cleansers will say so on the label.

Lifting the pots off the stone with just some pieces of 1 x 1 inch thick trim boards might be a help (if you can cut these from a cedar board, it will last longer). If the damp pot stays in contact with the stone surface and does not dry underneath, this can lead to rings of stains.
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Bluestone is a fairly porous material so the stain will be in the material rather than on. Google is of no help on this, but I am sure you will need to make a paste of something that will pull that stain out, although enough time may have passed that you will not be able to do that.
Look around you for a stone yard to see if they might have someone knowledgeable about this. Conrad has some good ideas about elevating the pots to prevent this in the future. Plant pots should never be placed directly on any wood, composit, stone, or concrete deck but should always have some means of raising them from direct contact with those materials.

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You could try dishwasher detergent. I've found that removes lots of stains that other cleaners won't touch.

Garden stores have clear plastic saucers in different sizes that you can put under your pots. Good luck.

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