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Picture of greylove
Help! nothing seems to get rid of it, really. I can't sit and pull so much out of the yard. The neighbors have it, too, so I know it will keep coming back, but how I can I keep it to a minimum in my yard?

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Picture of mgt
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What does it look like? Is it creeping jenny aka gill over the ground? Scalloped leaves & little purple flowers? If that's it, it spreads like crazy with rhizomes, you must pull every last little rootlet out. BUT, if you're willing to use Weed Be Gone, a few applications will get rid of it. It does take more than one application. Good luck.

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While this plant,"Glechoma hederacea" can be difficult to get rid of starting with a good, reliable soil test and taking the steps necessary to get the soil into a good healthy soil is a start. "Glechoma hederacea" is readily seeded by birds so while many "weed killers" may offer some control measures it is not the end all method.

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Picture of junk collector
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We used a dethatching rake to pull out a large patch of English ivy. It is faster than pulling, but we still have a small patch. If we were a bit more diligent, it would likely be gone. That type of rake does a great job of pulling up the tangles of vine.
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i also have a problem with that weedy vine; it was everywhere in my border gardens. i covered all the areas with newspaper or cardboard & then a thick layer of mulch for an entire season. it worked & i got rid of "most" of it. now i see that it's also in the lawn areas; don't know what to do about that! we do not use chemicals for fertilizer or weed control.
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