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  disaster yard
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I have a yard with very little grass, sandy soil and a fair amount of shade from trees. I tried last year to plant some additional grass seed but that did not work. Need some advise as to what to do to get a full and thick grass lawn. Up here in Minnesota where it snowed again yesterday. Do I need to completely start over and till up the yard lay new black dirt and seed or do I have another option.
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We do pay for a fertilizing company because my DH is allergic to fire ants and they treat for all bugs. A good lawn needs the right fertilizer.

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First thing you need is a soil test to tell you what amendments your soils need.
Call you local county extension office to see if they do them & what they charge or they can give you the name of a place that does them.
When you get the results it should have recommendations of what to apply to get the results you want.

Just throwing down fertilizer without knowing if it is needed can cause more problems and it can end up running off and becoming water pollution!

"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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When we had trouble with our lawn here in Nebraska, we went to the County Extention Office and talked to their master gardener. They will be able to tell you what needs to be done with your ground. I would think for the type of grass seed you need, I would try Earl May or other lawn people. There are perennial grass, annual grass, Soyia grass, grass that you sow in the fall to come up in the spring..etc. etc. etc. We planted some grass seed (Rye perennial) and I do know we have to keep the soil moist to get it to grow.

love life
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