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  Pre-emergents for Bermuda Grass
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Any product recommendations?

We are new to taking care of a lawn and since last summer all we have done is mow and trim. Well... since the bermuda is dormant, it seems that weeds do not go dormant and now we have a ton of weeds to contend with.

I find the big-box store 'help' less than helpfull, they pointed me to one thing that specifically said not to use on bermuda grass.

Any thoughts on products and ease of use. We have about an acre so there is a lot to cover.

thank you.
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Try to find a dealer who specifically sells Bermuda grass as sod.
He can tell you what not to...and definitely what to do to keep this grass healthy.

I do know that Bermuda cannot have broadleafed weed herbicide applied to'll kill the weeds alright....but will the grass as well.
There are herbicides specifically made for Bermuda grass.
(some might suggest the cure is to plant St Augustine)
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Nope, no suggestions. But whatever you use, you can't kill Bermuda! Even multiply applications of roundup won't kill it! It just resprouts from a node underground & comes right back.
You might think about a weed/feed type product. TSC (Tractor Supply Co.) carries one in a large size that you can use in a hose end sprayer.

I'd gladly give you ALL of my Bermuda if I could figure out a way to dig it all up!

"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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Keep in mind that no "pre emergent" will be of any help for weeds now growing, many of which are winter annuals that will die off when temperatures start to climb.
Talk with the people at your county office of your state universities Cooperative Extension Service. Most any "pre emergent" will need to be applied about 6 weeks before the target "weeds" start to germinate, but will also prevent any desired seed from growing.
The best method of preventing "weeds" from growing is a good healthy turf that is too thick for them.

The sign of a good gardener is not a green thumb, it is brown knees.
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