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How can I get my front done ? It is a mess
Posts: 1 | Location: I want something done to my home | Registered: Aug 11, 2013Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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Not here, this is a message board for folks to post on.

"The soil is the source of life, creativity, culture and real independence." David Ben-Gurion
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Picture of Sparky
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If you've ever watched any of the "crasher" shows they have a tag line "it's like winning the home improvement lottery" your chances of having it done by HGTV or their sister network DIY are about as good as winning the Powerball.

You can work with a local nursery to come up with a plan for your front yard. If you're DIYing it come up with one that can be implemented in phases, otherwise come up with one you can afford to have done quickly and professionally.

General Disclaimer

Any advice given here is general in nature and is not necessarily valid for your given area. If in doubt check with your local codes enforcement department for what is required when doing electrical, plumbing or structural work on your house. Permits may or may not be required in your area and home owners may not be able to DIY some tasks. I have no way of knowing if you have the skills needed to complete the tasks you are asking about, when in doubt seek professional assistance.

My advice may be worth exactly what you pay me for it. :-) For the record I did not stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

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Picture of Georgia Peach
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Sparky has given you some good advice. Come up with a plan and find a local nursery to help you decide on shrubs and plants. Most everyone on this board will give you tips on what you can do with your yard. Posting pictures of your problem areas will help us give you better suggestions.

What zone do you live in?
Posts: 2233 | Location: Zone 8b | Registered: Sep 18, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of trish212
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I have taken pics of our front yard, backyard, etc. You've seen designers plop the photos on a computer. There are programs that will assist in helping you with a design. I believe HGTV has had one out for YEARS. My first computer had a home interior design program installed...again...YEARS ago. Otherwise....use your accessories PAINT program and create your own. There's a snip,clip,pasting tool every person has access to. I just draw lines onto the photo in paint to get an idea of what we need to accomplish. It helps my husband get my image in his head. And, he's been sweet enough to build them for our home. Then, he steps back and agrees how much better it looks. If you & significant other do not have the tools (they can be rented), or there are carpenters that can build them for you. Again...having your design on hand makes it clearer for them. I've recently done this when getting siding installed and we needed a special piece created. The material was just needed one block of wood covered and installed before soffits were installed.

We have THIS battle: an electric utility box (we're thankful no upper wires) in a corner that draw your eyes right to it. You must be sure the distance you must have away from the box and where the wires are before building. Be sure to consider THIS when you're designing your backyard. We've seen professionals hit elect. wires/water lines before....and it WAS costly.

The local nursery would appreciate the pics, too. They can get an idea about your other plants. And how much space you have for the plants they suggest. One dear friend had to sit in the backyard one day and record the sun & shade aspect for her son, so he would know where to plant plants. Many things to consider when gardening.

Hope these ideas will help.

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Picture of still tryin
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Have you looked into hiring a Gardener or Gardening service in your area? You could also look into a service that will clean and clear the lot for you but you can do the planting and care afterwards if that is what you prefer.
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