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  Eroding retaining wall... I really need some advice.
Eroding retaining wall... I really need some advice. Sign In/Join 
Picture of Katwood001
Problem: The stone retaining wall in my backyard is eroding. The boulders crumble like they are packed sandcastles. The problem is connected to the city over watering the park behind my house. Either Alkali or Lime is seeping through, coating the rocks, and is either causing or contributing to the problem. To make things worse, the erosion seems to be now happening to the diamond block wall beside the rock wall.

Does anyone have any ideas that might save my yard?

More information:

The park behind my house is ten feet higher in elevation than my house's foundation. Half of my back yard is a terraced slope that I have added on top of the four foot high boulder retaining wall.

I'd appreciate any advice.

Katie Wood

PDF DocBackyard_errosion_pictures.pdf (138 Kb, 12 downloads) Pictures of the erosion problem
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Picture of M-ma
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1. Call the city Public Works Dept. and ask for someone to come and look at the wall.

2. Start talking with landscapers who do walls or businesses that do retaining walls and get suggestions. It sounds as though your wall needs drainage/weep lines behind it.

That's all I've got.
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Picture of Loonie
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This might mirror the problem of "who was there first?" Persons who buy a house next to a highway should expect some noise and sometimes when they build a highway through a neighborhood, the highway people put up barricades to soften the noise issue.
If the park was there first and the houses came afterwards, then the elevation problem I would think belongs at the door of the builder. If its the other way around, then I'd say the parks dept should --like any other neighbor---not be allowed to dump drainage on the house next

Definitely get in touch with the city parks dept and advise them what their elevation is doing to your wall.
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Picture of PatV82
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That is really sad to see Katie as that is a beautiful space you have. Talking to the Parks people on a friendly basis might help you start a solution. But I wouldn't expect them to do much to help you individually. Professional prices may vary, so definitely get several quotes if you decide to pay someone. I doubt you are alone in this problem for your area. The county may have an Extension office to assist homeowners, same for your city. Good luck.
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