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  I need some help
I need some help Sign In/Join 
Hello everyone,
I'm new to this forum and need your help. I have an area of my yard that has been over grown with smaller brush for several years now. A friend of mine came and used his DR brush mower and mowed it all down for me. I'm now left with the brush which I'm gonna burn but I have the undergrowth I need to clear (roots, leaves, and vines) that I need to get rid of before I can spread loam and seed. What's the best way to get rid of the undergrowth? Thank you for your help.

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a rake & a shovel would be a good place to start. & maybe some friends to help with the digging wouldn't hurt either. that's what I would do anyway.

cheryl hill
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Depending on where you are burning may not be an option since it may be prohibited due to air pollution concerns.
This under growth is all organic matter that could be tilled in to that soil where it will do much more good then of removed. Many people, often, pay someone to come and remove the vegetative waste they have and then pay to purchase something like peat moss to replace that organic matter they had hauled off and sometimes the person, a "landscaper", will haul that material off for a fee, compost it, and sell it back to the person that paid to have the stuff hauled off the next spring.
Burning vegetation is a large waste of valuable nutrients anyway.

The sign of a good gardener is not a green thumb, it is brown knees.
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Picture of Loonie
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If not directly allowed to put such material into the garbage, then usually they have certain days for such pick-up of vegetative materials.
Garden waste, when put at roadside in a compacted manner that is easy to be picked up by hand, is usually on the agenda.

Do not attempt to bury such wood will take eons to compost and usually will result in mushrooms popping up at a later date. (usually a year or two later)

Yes, do get in touch with the authorities about whether you can burn such material.
The act of making a fire in a uncontrolled manner is frowned on by fire ordinances.
Sometimes, if burned in a controlled manner, a permit is given out and stipulates when and how such burning can be carried out.
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If you have a considerable amount of vegetation, rent a chipper/shredder and use the chips for mulch. Just pile off to one side. Turn occasionally because it will begin to heat.

I agree; start digging.

Have a digging party. It depends upon the size of the area. You may want to have someone with a bobcat to come in and remove the stumps and roots or a backhoe.

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To burn, city pickup.....these are all local issues. Some places you can, some you can't.

But what are you going to put in the area you cleared?
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You can bring the goat because goat eat everything and they prefer brush and undergrowth to grass. It will save your time and the cheapest way to undergrowth.
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