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  Sealing roof top AC duct
Sealing roof top AC duct Sign In/Join 
Hello everyone!

I live in Phoenix, Arizona, and rain does not happen very often. However, in the past 9 years we owned our home, every time it does rain longer than few hours, there is water dripping noise that can be heard thru air conditioning duct system throughout the house.Since we never had any leaks, we have always assumed that water is dripping on the ac unit somewhere on the roof, and duct being constructed of metal is just making it louder. However, it has been raining since yesterday, and around 3 am today the dreaded dripping sound woke us up.Couple hours ago, i noticed a leak above bathroom door frame. so i unscrewed the ac went in the bathroom, and of course, whole duct is wet on the inside. Since we are not running the ac right now, i put some towels on the inside of the duct, but we still have leaky door frame. I was wondering if someone could tell me which sealant we need to buy, because we have to take care of this. It's supposed to be raining until Tuesday... We want to do this ourselves and for now, it has to be quick fix.
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Is there any way you can drape and secure a tarp over the vent opening on your roof?

There are really good caulk type of sealants, but you may also need new flashing (or corrected flashing) if this was not applied and secured correctly. Most sealants will need dry surfaces to adhere and cure, and it does not sound like this will be the case for the next few days.

Not knowing what type of roof or vent situation you have it is difficult to help.
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It happens everywhere when there is a heavy rain fall. It is nothing to worry about. If you really do want to fix it cleaning your gutters is a good place to start.

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You should definitely consult with some experienced ac repair technician, as he can better suggest you which sealent to use in an economical rate. Go here for better suggestions.
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