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  Pressure washer question...
Pressure washer question... Sign In/Join 
Picture of KG in CA
We were going to rent one to see if it would clean black and rust stains from the back patio. Never got around to it. Now a son has mentioned he was thinking of buying one - so we would go in on it together. I've done a ton of reading and am now more confused than ever. We both prefer electric but can they be powerful enough? He also mentioned cleaning his wood siding & my comment was that it would take the paint right off. Totally confused.....

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Picture of conrad
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The pressure is adjustable, and both the tip used on the wand as well as the distance from the tip to the surface all work together to create just the right amount of pressure to do the cleaning. Directions with the units will help to guide you for safe use.

Too high of pressure and too narrow a tip, too close to the surface, and you can certainly cut into boards and even score into softer stones/concrete.

If you are just cleaning siding prior to painting or light cleaning on decks an electric MAY work for you if it is not a large area. I have heard they overheat and shut off (to allow the motor to cool) if used very long on larger projects?

I think the gas ones are better and more versatile, especially if occasional use on concrete surfaces is wanted. Honda makes some smaller units that are 2000 to 2500 psi max that are affordable and durable (Check Costco or Sams Club). Especially affordable if you want to share it with another.

You don't live in a freeze climate, but one thing I learned is the pump cannot freeze if there is residual water in it. Inside, winter storage would be required in my climate.
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Don't go cheap. At least 2500 PSI. Most better ones have multiple tips for different applications. I prefer gasoline because you can take it places that electic is not available. More portable. I have a Troy Built w/Honda motor and it has started every time for 6 years.
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Picture of sjf
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we have the little electric one (Costco) and it's done a pretty good job...we've used it on the deck, and some lawn do have to be careful using the correct aware though it can be dangerous (even the small one) so always wear the correct shoes (NO sandals!) and keep it moving..
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Picture of zone9alady
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We bought a large gas one (3500psi) years ago because we have so much to clean, (pavers, stone and concrete)
I would say it depends on how much you will use it. We clean at least 4,000sq.ft. twice a year so the more powerful the better. We have different cleaning heads for different jobs.

Check these out....!

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Danny Kaye
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don't forget a turbo nozzle properly sized for your machine - gas is better'n elec ( power, efficiency, SAFER, portability ) - no more than 100' of press hose, either,,, suggest you rent belt drive & direct drive to see which 1 works best

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Picture of M-ma
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Definitely depends upon planned usage.
On our second 1400 ppi. Used it yesterday and today. Will use to clean deck furniture before winter storage. Used this year to clean black dirt from leaf-guard type gutter. Use to spray salt debris from vehicles in winter. That electric size serves us well.
Suggestion for cleaning deck. I thought of this several years ago. We have a brick walkway that gets greenish from moss. Sprinkling can with a couple of gallons of hot water; couple scoops of OxyClean. Pour on a section. Wait. Scrub with deck brush. Pressure wash off. Those bricks and mortar look like new. We do this a couple of times a year. (Today I did a bit of moss in a few sections.)
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