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  What's the Difference: skid steer, back hoe, excavator, etc?
What's the Difference: skid steer, back hoe, excavator, etc? Sign In/Join 
I'm a curious layperson who always likes to pick the brains of experts and pros. So....
...what's the difference between:

-- a skid steer
-- back hoe
-- excavator
-- and other heavy equipment whose names I may not know

Correct me if I'm wrong but from I know that BOBCAT is a BRAND NAME that's commonly used as the name of a small to mid-sized piece of construction equipment that can perform several duties depending on the front attachment and job that needs to be done.

But technically using the term "Bobcat" doesn't say much about the job that;s being done -- whether demolition or digging for example.
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I know what some of these are like a backhoe or bobcat, but found this link that might help?
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Probably the easiest thing is to google the name and then click images. You will be able to see what they do by looking at them. The things they do can overlap depending on the size of the job.

If you can take the time to watch one of these work. The driver can be skilled and watching can be fascinating.
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Pictures (as others have suggested) will give you a good clue but they won't tell the full story.

For example, a skid steer operates by having the wheels on one side locked together - they are all powered and turn at the same time/speed. You steer by apply power to one side in forward and the other in reverse. That allows them to turn in very tight spaces where other equipment might not be able to turn around. Because the wheels are mechanically locked together, it also causes some of the wheels to drag (or skid!) while turning, hence the name. It also makes it possible to put tracks on them instead of using wheels.

Your typical backhoe or bucket loader has a drive setup that is much more like that of your typical car where all 4 of the wheels operate independently.
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