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  how expensive is it to run a gas light?
how expensive is it to run a gas light? Sign In/Join 
Picture of dupann15
We just took a trip to New Orleans and saw gas lights everywhere! I'd love to put that on my house. Are the lights expensive? How much to run the gas?
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Picture of conrad
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If you have natural gas running to your home now, inquire at your local gas company. They often sell as well as service lights (at least here), and should be able to give you accurate estimates for your area.
They have lost favor here over less expensive electric use of electric dawn to dusk or motion lights with the lower wattage type bulbs. Much less yearly cost to operate.
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Most of the gas lanterns that you saw in New Orleans run all the time. With natural gas prices at historic lows gas lanterns are becoming more popular than ever. The average gas lantern has a gas usage of 1100-2000 BTU's per hour. In most cases this will translate to a $6-10 monthly cost to operate if the lantern is run 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Most people who have gas lantern on the front of their home let them burn all the time while people who have them installed in their outdoor kitchens will only light the lantern when they using the area.

For more info check out the gas lanterns on our website(also available in electric):

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Called a plumber to get an estimate and it's crazy expensive to run the gas line. I'll have to give it some thought, but I think we'll just replace the electric lights to nicer ones.
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