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I wasn't sure who to ask, and someone suggested posting this here. We have a major problem with Noisy neighbors. You've heard of the neighbors from He_ _ . Unfortunetly, they live beside us. Our problem is the noise. They play their music so loud it vibrates the pictures off our bedroom wall. And when they watch tv, we can sit on the foot of our bed and tell you what they are watching. We have ask them repeatedly to turn it down and other neighbors have even call the police. We do have a noise ordinance. Nothing works. They don't care. I was hoping you could tell me how to block the noise. Is there a fence or something we can put up between us and them and block the noise? Any and all suggestions welcome. PLEASE Help...
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You didn't mention whether you live in an apartment , duplex or single home. They do have remedies for wall sound penetration. A couple different approaches but it requires that your wall covering(drywall) be removed. There is sound insulation available as well as double drywall with an air space between. I would suggest you contact an insulation company and see if they have done any of these approaches.

If it is just coming through your walls from the house next door(seperated) a fence of types might work if you can construct it in a manner that it absorbs the sound in dead air spaces. Take a look at along a freeway where they erect barriers that keep the noise away from houses in developements. Those high walls are not required and they are built only to stop the traffic noise. Generally there is just a wire fence to keep animals and persons from walking onto the freeways.

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Thank you for responding. There are no apartments where we live. It's a very nice and was a quiet neighborhood. We live in a single family detached home. I was hoping for some type of fence. I really didn't want to tear out the wall and redo it. Is there any type of fencing that we can buy or would we have to build something specificately to absorb the sound?
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Interesting links, Redoverfarm.
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I feel for you noogs. Frown I used to live in a subdivision too, and hated the noise from neighbors who didn't care. Aside from taking them to court and having them fined constantly for disturbing the peace and making enemies, you could try soundproofing your home.

I don't know what kind of fence would help unless it's the kind you see on the sides of the interstate, but soundproofing your home may help a little. Thick curtains, sealing windows and doors and wearing earplugs at night.

Maybe a grove of fast growing clumping bamboo planted close together?

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I would avoid bamboo. It can and will take over the yard.

Plants help screen the noise but it will go through the plants. To attenuate noise you need hardscape like a wall or possibly a berm if the noise source were low to the ground like tire noise from a nearby road.

Music noise is going to hit your house. Better windows, extra drywall, and drapes can help.

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