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  Is bargaining wrong?
Is bargaining wrong? Sign In/Join 
We have a guy that installed a sliding door in our breezeway last year. His price was the best, and we're really pleased with his work. Recently we got a quote for replacing the siding, gutters and garage doors from him and from 1 other guy. His quote for everything is higher than the other guy that we've never used before. Is it wrong to take the lower quotes and see if our guy from last year will match them? We're looking at a total savings of $1135 if he'll match it. I'd like to give him the work, but for that much savings, I'd go with the other guy. Thanks
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As a remodeling contractor, I always struggle a little bit with a good answer to this question. On one side, you have seen this gentleman's work and is it worth finding out if the cheaper bid is really the less expensive option in the end. There is a price tag on piece of mind. When I am asked this question, a good portion of the time, I am not familiar with the other contractor, so I can't speak for their work. If it is really worth using the person you are familiar with, Instead of asking for an $1135 discount, be up front and ask him if he might split the difference with you. Then you are saving nearly $600 and you will be receiving work from a contractor that you are familiar with and have been happy with in the past. I would certainly call that fair.

Christopher R. Johnson
Journeyman Carpenter &
Home Remodeling Expert
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First off make sure you are comparing the same thing. Did they specify identical materials? Did you check the references, license,etc. of both? That is quite a difference but it is a big job.

Would you being willing to pay just a little more for guy 1 to do it since you are familiar with his work? You might tell him you got another estimate and ask if he can match or at least come close.
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A garage door by itself could account for the difference if it is not the exact same model. There are a lot of things to consider - do both include disposal of the old materials? Is that $1100 five percent of the job, or 35%? it does make a difference.
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Hello MountainBeach, I would suggest a third estimate to see if prices are where they should be.

When asking for an estimate, try to have specific materials in mind, so you can compare across the board with each contractor. Ask questions, make them be specific.

It's always hard when comparing contractors. Ask for references, go look at jobs they have completed, and most of all, make sure they are *Licensed, Bonded, & Insured* in what you are having done.

People tend to make mistakes, we are all human, so there could be something not accounted for on either bid. This is where experience comes in, Guy #1 has worked on your home, and you said you were pleased with his work. His price was also the best, according to your statement, I would believe his price to be a low point for further bids. Guy #2 has you hooked on his low price, but have you seen any of his work? Does he specialize in this type of work? Often times, contractors will give a low initial bid, and try to upsell in some other way, i.e. Labor, Material Cost, Completion Date, Cleanup.

I hope this helps a little bit in your understanding of the contractor bid process.

Also, to answer your question, is bargaining wrong? No, but don't be surprised when you get less than you bargained for. Paying extra isn't fun, but getting screwed and having to do something twice costs way more. Good Luck MountainBeach.

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