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  what are your plans for 2014?
what are your plans for 2014? Sign In/Join 
Picture of homebody4
Have not done any new decorating for a while, and have not been on the board either, but am back now!

What is everyone doing in the new year? small stuff like one new purchase to a total remodel, sharing is so much fun, and I miss it.

My plans are not large, but am getting rid of a chair and painted dresser in LR. The dresser will be replaced with some type of chest, but the chair will just go. I will just tweek the furniture arrangement a bit, and it will not be missed. I was only keeping it for sentimental reasons, as it belonged to my mother. It is a pain to dust, not attractive, and one can only carry sentimentally so far.

Biggest project will be window treatments in LR< dining room and kitchen. So I will be posting pictures of the windows for inspiration and questions. The kitchen will be easy and I know what I want, but am really going to need help with the others.
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I've never had yellow in any of my homes.
It was always something. The main reason was that with children it was always a tough color to attempt to keep clean.
I'd love to incorporate a light yellow one of these days with my usual faves of black, grey and white.
Will it ever happen?
Quien sabe?
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Picture of aychihuahua
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Minor makeovers/updates of the two baths in our home, landscaping in front, and screening in our large back patio. Phew. That is enough.

We are not DIY'ers so everything will be done professionally. No around-the-world-trips for us anytime soon.
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Picture of lady of shallot
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I am inspired by china pantries lucky people have in their homes. We have no room for one but I can steal a corner of the cellar (fieldstone walls that are painted white) to install shelves.

The area in consideration now does hold shelves that hold some of my decoupage supplies (wooden boxes and papers) the china is a much better choice as it is more impervious to damage from elements (except of course earthquakes, tornados and hurricanes!) which thankfully we rarely get in Maine!

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Not decorating, but good health for DH and I. After he was so ill last summer and me recovering from surgery a week ago, better health is all we want. Moved into brand new condo last spring and I can visualize some better furniture arrangements. But that will wait until we get back to MI in the spring. I'm never done with any of my homes- instead I add rearrange or maybe some new or repurpose furniture. It's always ongoing!!
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Picture of junk collector
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For us, we will be getting a new roof. We had two major failures this past month and have no choice but to replace. It should last longer than we plan on being in this house.
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Let's see...I made a list the other day (I am great at making lists)lol. Makes me feel good when I can cross something off my list.... Paint the bathroom, caulk holes in the ceiling of the family room where I moved a hanging lamp, fix a hole in the wall just above the baseboard in the hall (don't know what happened there), take out a built in bookcase and paint behind it in the family room (I have some pictures to hang on the wall there), fix the quarter-round in the basement and clean out things to get ready for a garage sale in the spring, and maybe rearrange the living room furniture. No great remodeling....just little things need fixing.

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love life
Posts: 1569 | Location: omaha, ne U.S.A. | Registered: Sep 18, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I am going tomorrow to 2 nice fabric stores while I'm here in Florida to see if I can find fabric for kitchen curtains and window treatments in my morning room.

I want to have new upper cabinets installed in my breakfast room, and new wall ovens in the kitchen IF I can find stainless steel with no black on them. New carpet for the family room and morning rooms and maybe recover two chairs in my family room.
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Picture of just josie
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Re-decorate master bedroom and lose 20 pounds *sigh*
Posts: 1731 | Registered: Apr 07, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Linderhof
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I have many plans for 2014 --

We got a new roof last year after the hailstorm and so our roof is now watertight!

So my list is:

1 - repaint the sunroom (a pinkish beige)

2 - put up curtains in the living room (I have blinds, I like blinds but have found that I'm not a blind cleaner and I don't like DIRTY blinds). I bought the curtains and rods so up they'll go this week! I'm much better and cleaning curtains!

3 - repaint kitchen cabinets. They're showing signs of wear

4 - redo ceiling in guest room and upstairs hall (thankfully someone will do this as it is very high up and the insurance from the hail storm covers it)

5 - repaint the porch ceiling haint blue and repaint the floor just a nice gray

I would also like the paint the bathroom but that's not on my list (yet!) I'm still mulling over that one!

And I'm looking at each room with a different eye -- taking some furniture OUT rather than bringing furniture IN!

Oh, and every January I do a major house cleaning and go through every cabinet, closet and drawer -- I never get the January blahs!

Posts: 6350 | Location: On the prairie of Kansas | Registered: Dec 17, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Skyler
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This will be a big year for DH and I as we plan to sell our house we've lived in for almost 22 yrs. It is the house we bought right before we got married so it's special. It's going to be very difficult for me because I finally feel like it's finished and just the way I like it.

I also became interested in gardening after we were married and put in every plant and tree myself (well, DH helped with the trees). I feel like every plant is one that I have to leave Frown

I'm excited to start our new adventure (moving to our condo at the beach) but still a little sad.

The move also means having an estate sale and selling everything we've spent 22 yrs collecting, Ugh. Not looking forward to that!
Posts: 10539 | Location: Southern California | Registered: Jun 21, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of paintlady
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My plans for 2014:

1. Finish decorating my soon to be born Grandson's nursery in his parents home.

2. Repaint and redecorate my master bathroom.

3. Change the wall color for my master bedroom to lighten it up and possibly change drapery.

4. Have a chair and a few pieces reupholstered in my sunroom.

5. Build a new deck.

6. Refinish my mahogany front door and sidelights.

Well that's it for this house. I have a list a mile long for our lakehouse too. I love lists, but that doesn't mean it will be accomplished except for the baby's nursery! Smile
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Picture of lady of shallot
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The move also means having an estate sale and selling everything we've spent 22 yrs collecting, Ugh. Not looking forward to that!

Skyler, I used to have sales every year and feel that I had the process nailed for the best sales. Even did them for others. If you should want any suggestions, I'd love to help.
Posts: 13082 | Registered: Jun 27, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Skyler
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LOS, that would be WONDERFUL, thank you. I have no idea how to go about having one, although I do plan to hire someone to organize it. Too bad we didn't live closer. I would love to hear any/all suggestions. Maybe you could PM me. Thank you so much.
Posts: 10539 | Location: Southern California | Registered: Jun 21, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of my2gals
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Oh goodness! Feeling a bit overwhelmed just thinking about it but I also enjoy a list. Smile
My plans (chore list) for 2014 include...

1. Repairing and staining fence
2. Staining cedar on "pool house"
3. Stripping and polishing stained concrete in pool house
4. Applying fresh coat of paint on iron fence where needed
5. Replacing any remaining carpet in house with new carpet or hardwood flooring
6. Repainting trim work in master bath
7. Repainting guest bedroom (time for horrible mustard paint color to leave!) Will probably keep curtains and bedding the same. I am sure my guests have grown tired of the black/cream toile but Im not ready to part with it just yet.

edited to add...

8. Paint hideous pumpkin colored laundry room a neutral color
9. Clean out and repurpose every closet in the house!

Wish list for 2014 would include...

1. new cook top
2. new cook top
3. new cook top Smile

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Posts: 903 | Registered: Nov 25, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Mary Ruth
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I will look forward to seeing photos of the changes you make. Even if only ONE item is moved, or exits... it is a change.. once I owned a huge carved wood hutch that had an oiled finish. I finally got rid of it, I felt 'it owned me' with all the dusting (with a shoe brush and tooth brush to get at all the fine carvings and crevices). I felt 'free' after it was gone, never missed it after, I have a drawing of it to look at IF I want to see it!

Light yellow can be such an uplifting color! My neighbor has an interior 'dark' kitchen, she just painted it bright yellow, and it is such a HAPPY space now! I have had a few yellow rooms in some of my homes... it really DOES uplift your spirit, ENJOY!

Your home is going to be 'perfect'! Who needs to travel with home is so wonderful?

lady of shallot,
I love my pantry we incorporated in this house, I could have chosen to use some of the space for dishes, but didn't. I will use cabinets in the dining space and keep them at a minimum. I LOVE your collections of dishes and can see WHY YOU NEED more storage for them! I will enjoy seeing a photo of the area when you are finished! Smile

I hope you have a more healthy and happy new year coming up! YES, health AND home-making is on-going!

junk collector,
A new roof (one that you can count on) sure makes a difference in how you feel when bad weather hits!

Great to have a list, something to cross off!!! Sounds like your list has a lot of managable things on it!

Love Lu,
ENJOY your Florida visit!

just josie,
Good luck on your bedroom redo.. and the pound loss, I started early this time, got half way through the weight loss, so only 10 more to go... Easier when calorie counting (not eat more than you burn) and I walk 3 miles a day (burn about 300 callories or more when doing so, 3,500 calories = 1 pound, so every month I lost 2 to 3 lbs). It is a lot of work, BUT sure makes me think twice before putting too many calories past my lips now.... doing this for health reasons so it is important to me... hope you succeed!!! Smile

Wow, LOTS on the list for you! Better start resting up! Smile I will enjoy seeing your photos of those finished projects! Smile

So hard to break apart a home... BUT all is not lost as you can take some with you! I would start editing my collections FIRST before packing anything. This way you can have the 'best' of each collection as a vignette in your new place! I packed my favorite things first (those I could not part with). Funny how ordinary a collection looks when the 'best ones' are taken away. It was easier for me to weed out after that. (I still took too much, but at least it was easier to weed out after I started locating things in this house.)
Yard sales are never what you expect, so if you can sell the best items on CL do so... each area is so different in the way the sales go... Good luck! Smile

OOH some nice projects for us to hear about and view when finished! New deck sounds exciting too! Smile

LOTS of work ahead! 'new cook top' is exciting! hope we get to see some photos of these great projects you have coming up!

AS for ME:
I hope to get the KITCHEN projects out of the way! We are concentrating on that ... and some much needed shelving. IF only I could move stuff, pick up stuff, or empty stuff... Frown I can only stand and point... so the going is so SLOW! I am learning patience... I will look forward to 2014 as a time when some of the major storage issues get taken care of to free up some space! Smile me being hopeful and positive!
Posts: 9816 | Location: East Space Coast, Florida zone 9B | Registered: Feb 11, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of annielinz
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We've been in the new house full time since June. We've had to upgrade a few minor things, such as the W&D, water heater and a new kitchen faucet.
In the next couple of weeks we will be replacing the windows in the sunroom. It should make a huge difference in the view as the ones that are here are pretty etched and always look dirty.

I'm hoping to get a new front door and lockset this year, but have been stumped on the style. When I get closer to pulling the trigger on that I'll come here for assistance and ideas. Smile

Other than some tweaking, I think thats it...I know famous last words!!
Posts: 2829 | Location: Central California Coast | Registered: Mar 16, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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Mary Ruth: Thanks for your "yellow" vote of confidence. Now if only I can persuade you-know-who!
Posts: 1751 | Registered: Sep 03, 2005Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I will continue into 2014 changing our home into a totally usable home for us. We are empty nesters and really, no one visits. My family is all local, Dh's family just do not travel, ever. Our eldest daughter is due any day with our second grandson, so I don't foresee them flying here for at least 2 years. That leaves me with a pristine, un- lived in guestroom. One whole room that goes for months without the door ever being opened except for a brief dust and vacuum. We gave our other daughter the queen bed from that room this month. I'd like to convert the room to a sewing room. I'd like to repaint it also. I'd like a new sofa for the family room. The sofa in there now was a really bad choice. It's a sleeper sofa with chenille fabric. Bad choice for a couple with dogs and cats. It's had a slipcover for 2 yrs. I thought I'd put that sofa in the sewing room, it can convert to a bed when needed, and buy a new sofa (leather) for the family room. I also got the painting bug in Sept. Painted my kitchen, LOVE it! Painted the masterbath. I'll continue purging items that I just don't use/need any more.The older I get, the more I just love being home and creating a comfortable, unique, pretty home for the 2 of us.
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Picture of Maine Lady
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Our top priority will be to celebrate and live life to its fullest! 2013 has been one of the best years for us with improved health and quality of life, a wedding and an engagement. <3
We are looking at 2014 with excitement and new eyes. Planned projects on the home front include restaining the exterior of the house and garage and creating a pond down near the beginning of our driveway, yet still in view from the front of our home. Redoing the master bath is still plan, but I am not sure if that will happen or not. Someday!

Maine Lady
Posts: 5752 | Location: Maine | Registered: Jan 15, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I am exhausted just looking at my list. New hardwood floors (living room, dining room, family room and upstairs hallway), remodel 2 upstairs bathrooms and new carpet in the bedrooms. I suspect this list will stretch into 2015.

Oh, and the best project of all: decorating a nursery for grandchild #9, due in March! We know it's a girl and her 3 big sisters have all expressed opinions on what colors it should be.
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Picture of Froo Froo
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My to do list is too lengthy to post. On the forefront is stripping of wallpaper and painting. Sod is due to be installed on a good portion of our front lawn after battling bald spots for 25years. Then...there's the dated kitchen that underwent minor upgrades, but needs more work. The thought of that project frightens me. DH is unwilling to get new cabinets.

On a personal note, to be a better person than I was in 2013. There's always room for improvement and no telling when we'll be called "home". Too often we focus on improving our homes and our appearance, but those are frivolous endeavors in the grand scheme of things. We must never lose sight of that. This has been a public service message brought to you by Froo FrooSmile
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We have decided to downsize and currently have our home on the market. I would like to find a condo on the water but my husband wants to find a smaller home with a yard. We may compromise on a modest townhouse in a planned community near the beach. Either way, I will need lots of help when we finally make our decision.

Congratulations to all of you with weddings, babies and new homes in your future. New beginnings are so exciting.
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Picture of wendek
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Now that my houseguests have moved on, I have my living room back and can get into the decorating mood again.
After 6 years here, 3 of them with 6-7 people in this house, a few fix ups are in order.
Thankfully nothing major yet but I'd like to get my house sale ready so we can move to something larger, with more rooms and a larger kitchen.

The short list: replace a few faucets, and light fixtures, paint.
The long list should we stay here: replace the carpet with wood flooring, update the hall bathroom with safety features, build a patio cover and remodel the kitchen. Smile

It could be a big year.
Posts: 4337 | Location: SF | Registered: Feb 27, 2008Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of CER
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Oh, I don't know, divorce if we move again, divorce if I can't have grasscloth, divorce if I have to wait FOREVER to do any serious décor work to my house...oh and possibly the procuration of a cute little cottage to decorate any ding dang way I want when I get a divorce. cough
Posts: 5713 | Location: Michiana | Registered: Mar 24, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of patty louise
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Posts: 10426 | Location: Mechanicsville Virginia | Registered: Jan 26, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of CER
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objective complete.
Posts: 5713 | Location: Michiana | Registered: Mar 24, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Indexlady
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Not an all-inclusive list, and not in any particular order:

1. Finish replacing all flip switches with rocker switches, and outlets to match. Just gives an updated look.

2. Finish painting trimwork throughout house.

3. Take back The Husband's den and convert into an office for me. Including a locking door so I am not disrupted every 10 minutes. This gives him run of the full house, while I am the one locked away in a room to work. :::sigh:::

4. Finish painting and installing adjustable shelving units in the closets.

5. Paint interior doors and closet doors, and install all new hardware, including hinges.

6. Hang shelf ledges in hallway.

7. Clean out garage.

8. Paint and rehang shutters in front of house.

9. Paint outdoor trim.

10. Replace garage door.

11. Do something with front door. Or sceen door. Or....

12. Replace inexpensive miniblinds put up for privacy with something more pleasing, in kitchen and living room.
Posts: 4619 | Location: In the beautiful Tennessee Valley, between the Cumberland Plateau and the Great Smoky Mountains. | Registered: Jul 12, 2005Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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