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  Please help, new home and need ideas :)
Please help, new home and need ideas :) Sign In/Join 
Hi there, we just purchased a new home and I'm lost on decorating ideas, colors etc. My current home is modern, lots of mixes of patterns (chevron etc), wall colors are grey and décor colors are turquoise and coral. Our new home does not match this at all, but we fell in love with the house so we purchased it anyway. I do not have a rustic style, but the home is rustic. I'd LOVE to hear any ideas on how to decorate because I'm not so great at I'll attach a photo of the new home Smile

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Picture of aychihuahua
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Congrats on your new home.

You have loads of wonderful texture going on and an bright airy contemporary feel. What would work really well is sleek, understated furniture and accessories. It's worth looking at Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel for design ideas.

Here is an inspiration photo:

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Picture of lady of shallot
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Hi MML and welcome to these forums.

If I were you, first what I would do is analyze my feelings. You say you "fell in love with your new house" But what about your new house did you fall in love with? Was it this room? Or the other rooms, the neighborhood, the exterior, the lot? What exactly?

If you bought the house because of this room, you will find decorating it easier.

The stone fireplace facade, the facade of the counter/island and the floor make very strong and compatible statements. Do you want to emphasize this statement or do you want to camouflage it?

What pieces of furniture do you already have that you must incorporate into this setting?

How big is the space? Can you draw a floor plan? How many people in your family and is this the only sitting/entertaining/family room?

Is that a curved wall in the right of the picture?

If you can give more specifics you will probably get more help here. Good luck!
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Picture of Mary Ruth
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As in Aychihuahua's photo,
IF the flooring is what you LOVE, then minimize the stone by painting it, then it becomes texture as opposed to two major 'busy' features.
IF the stone was the reason you bought this place, then tone down the Hickory wood with a bit deeper stain (will have to be refinished to accomplish this)

IF you love BOTH stone and wood, then keep your furniture very simple and not much in the way of accessories. Large living space, nice for that.

Congratulations on your new home!
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You have already received some excellent advice. Perhaps you could move in, put away some of your more colourful and patterned accessories and really take stock of how your current furniture looks in the room. If you have grey walls now, I see no reason you can't paint these walls grey as well.
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I am missing something I think.
I got the impression that you really loved your grey walls and turquoise and coral furnishings in the other house but feel that they would not work in this one. If that is the case, why do you think they wouldn't work? It seems a no-brainer to me that if you love those colors and wanted to repeat them, they'd look just fine with your new décor. In fact, perfect!
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I would certainly move my furniture into the room before making any decisions to replace any of the pieces. And painting is easily redone if necessary, so I'd go with the gray that I love and live with it for awhile before making any other changes.
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