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  Vent about table runner
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OK, what is up with using a table runner? Why do ALL of my guests and family insist on putting their full wine glasses, dripping other things right ON THE TABLE RUNNER? There was plenty of room on the table for dishes but they all moved their glasses to where the runner was. Maybe it was a pet peeve of mine but it's all stained now and it says "spot clean", so I guess it's useless now.
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Could you provide coasters? If you sew, you can make several styles. Have seen some made in the machine embroidery hoop.

Maybe they thought that by setting dishes/glasses on the runner, they were protecting the table.

Maybe have a washable one on the table for meals and just a pretty, fancy one on for looks between meals.

Sorry about the stains. Hope you can get them off.


Friends divide our sorrows and multiply our joys.
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Thanks. I had a table cloth on the table but for some reason everyone thought they were supposed to use the table runner instead. I wanted to say something but I didn't want to sound rude.

I could certainly make one but was frustrated that this one is all stained. It was pretty and I've only had it for 2 weeks now.
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I understand. Had something similar happen: a group that I belonged to had a meeting here. Several had coffee and one person put the used spoon on a light colored place mat instead of another sauce or even the table. The table is one that could withstand about anything except hot motor oil. The coffee, creamer and sugar would have easily wiped up from the table, but had to wash the placement set and the napkins, just for the one. At least it washed out, but it was fairly new set. So sorry that your runner is not washable and is stained. Hope you can find another like it. Can the other side be used.

I had a bag with a basket in it from taking a hot dish to a pot luck meal. It was under the table and someone threw away a half cup of coffee in that bag. There were containers with plastic liners, so why would anyone throw liquids in a paper bag on something that did not look like trash?

I have found that others don't treat others' belongings as their own.

I have been known to use vinyl place mats or vinyl tablecloth over a tablecloth that I didn't want stained. Tacky I know, but it works. Even had an adult blow a candle out hard and splash wax on a colored tablecloth, instead of letting me us a snuffer.

Noticed at ch u r ch Tue. night that someone had not been careful with the candle and let wax drip on the seat cushion.


Friends divide our sorrows and multiply our joys.
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Strings - Sorry to hear this, but I'm so happy to hear it's not just me.

I'm getting a new table next week and will probably not be using a table cloth or even a runner anymore, but it would be nice to use the runner for special occasions. I just don't want it to get ruined.
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Picture of Grapefruit
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I would machine wash your runner with cold water on the gentle cycle. You have nothng to lose. I do not buy things that say "spot clean only". I like to know that things can be washed when needed.
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I would try washing it in cold water maybe in a lingerie bag or soak in with oxyclean in a sink of warm water, or maybe a dry cleaner. If you are like me I seem to not notice what the label states until I need to wash it.

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I feel your pain of having something beautiful ruined.

BUT, I'm guilty as charged. But, it's not out of lack of respect for other people's things.

What's obvious to the homeowner on what to do with glasses, used spoons, etc. may NOT be obvious to guests because of different ways of doing things.

And, who wants to keep asking about where to put the used spoons? Where to put the glasses that are sweating? And on it goes.

That's nearly as bad as a guest bathroom that doesn't have any place for me to put my handbag--except in the sink that may be wet from a previous guest--or worse, on the floor. No hooks, table, countertop, nothing.

And am I supposed to use those cute towels, or not?

Many things are done differently in different homes.

I put out finger bowls for guests, and they never know what it's for or what to do with it. They just live differently.
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I understand how you feel. It is frustrating -- especially since it was something new! But you never know how guests are going to treat things, do you.

Hopefully, either washing or spot cleaning will take the stains out!

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Picture of paintlady
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Hopefully having it dry cleaned will restore it to it's original beauty!
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I have had rugs that said "spot clean only" and washed them in the machine in cold water and didn't use the dryer and they came out great. Maybe it would be the same with your runner. I would do as Grapefruit suggested.

My mind is a garden. My thoughts are the seeds. My harvest will be either flower or weeds.
--Mel Weldon
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