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  Furniture placement?
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I'm having a really hard time figuring out where to put my living room furniture where it will be stylish AND functional. It's an oblong room connected with the dining room. The ceiling changes levels abrupty dividing the living room and dining room, but it's only a couple of inches, just enough to show sort of a separation. My main problem is all the windows. I don't want to back furniture up to a window, but there is really only one place to put the tv. I love all the natural light from the windows, but the view isn't anything spectacular, so I would prefer it if they weren't the focal point. I've included a layout (the grey lines are where the windows are). ANY help at all is appreciated!! I'm so lost!

Oh, I should tell you what kind of furniture I have. Haha. I have a regular sized three-seat couch, a matching chair, a coffee table, a rocking chair, and an antique dresser that my tv can sit on or be mounted above. I have some other furniture that I can work in or out of the room, but these are the things that pretty much have to fit. Thanks again!
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It's not letting me attach the photo, but here is a link to it.
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I agree that you will probably want to put your sofa with its back to the windows as you really only have the one wall for the television. I guess you will need some black-out drapes or some sort of shades to cut the glare from the windows. I guess the first arrangement I would try would be the sofa along the window wall opposite the non-window wall where you would put the dresser with the television on it. One chair could go at either end of the couch facing each other so that there is a sort of C shape with the sofa. Assuming the rocking chair is an all-wood chair with spindles, I would probably put it at the dining room end so that it doesn't visually block the sight lines.
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I don't get a glare at all. Those windows face a courtyard where the natural light comes in, but the sun itself is blocked by the building height, so no direct sunlight. The room is wide enough that I don't have to put the furniture right up against the window, which is what I'm trying to avoid. I don't mind the back facing the window, I just don't want the furniture up against the wall. Then the room looks too empty. It's kind of an odd size. Up against the walls is too open, but pulled together is too cluttered with not enough room around to work something else into the design.

This whole thing is stressing me out way more than it should be.
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Picture of sjf
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would you be interested in getting a slim parson's table to set directly under the windows with the back of the sofa just touching?

it could be used for lamps, ect...then cozy up a lounge chair with the back facing the dr...did you wall mount the tv?
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