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Picture of djklm
This is slightly OT but was wondering if any who have Directv have changed to Dish? We are long time Directv customers but they will not let us take advantage of any of their specials or discounts. Our rates go up about every other month so I am thinking of switching to Dish. I don't think they have as good a cust satisfaction so am curious if anyone here has changed.

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Picture of debicga
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I too have directv and have checked into DISH. I found that for the same channels I have now it cost more with DISH. Plus at least here in Atlanta they have HORRIBLE reviews. If you call they will usually give you $10 off your bill for a year. I know not much but better than nothing.


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Picture of noraj
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I have 2DDs, one with DISH the other with DIRECT
& they both complain. I have Comcast. I complain, seems to me that they all overcharge.

Have been checking & considering [most TV is Reeeeeealy bad] getting a multi-directional antenna with booster. The ones I see say good for local VHS & UHS. One I looked at was $47.00. A one time cost, better than $66.00 a month.

Had that before I got cable. I put it in the attic in the first house. The flat 2-wire cable is not expensive. The second home I put antenna in rafters in garage. They worked just fine.

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Picture of wendek
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I went with Directv because Comcast always raised their prices every month and I've basically been at the same exorbitant price with directv since I started, with a few $5 increases every other year.
but I also pay Comcast for cable internet and oddly that charge has not changed for several years.

Monthly raising prices is why I ditched the land line phone company and use VOIP.
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Picture of Mary Ruth
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My local cable company (no CHOICE to change but to dish... no way)
They COST WAY too much and have raised their prices recently.

IT is like a loan shark... we get a notice in the mail.. 'faster better service for only $30-45 per month'! Hey how about they GIVE us what we are already paying for and better service? LOL the times we live in.. everyone is looking for a monthly stipend from our paychecks!

My son used to say 'Mom, how come it can't be simple, they tell you what they are selling... and for how much... you say 'yes' and give them the money and here is the kicker they actually GIVE you what you bought? LOL

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We have cable. I find that there is less and less on tv that I want to watch. Now that I'm totally addicted to Netflix and also subscribe to Acorn TV, I am considering stopping the cable.
I'm also considering putting up an antenna.

The only thing that stops me from doing it right now is I haven't been able to figure out how I will be able to watch the 24 hour Fox News Channel. I really enjoy watching the Five every afternoon.
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Picture of Linderhof
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We have Dish and like it Our DD has DirectTV and they like it and when we switched from cable to satellite, we were going with Direct, however, we couldn't get the CBS channels on DirectTV and thankfully the installer told us up front rather than wait until it was all installed so . . . we called Dish, they had them and we went with them. It's cheaper than the cable cost by bunches.

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Picture of zone9alady
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I've been having Dish since 2001, ever since I got fed up with cable. As you know with satellite you get a better picture. I just recently dropped my 250 channels to 120 and got HBO and Showtime. I never watched all those channels anyway and just dropped to a smaller package with more movies. Direct doesn't have some channels that Dish has, so I never switched, even though they must send a flyer out every week. I pay less than $80.00 for 120 with HBO and Showtime with all my local channels included.

Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can't..... You're Right - Henry Ford
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