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  Can hardwood flooring
Can hardwood flooring Sign In/Join 
be put down over concrete?
My mother-in-law has a typical Florida house with a concrete floor. She ripped up the vinyl in the kitchen and just has a concrete floor with a large rug over it. She is now thinking about ripping up all of the carpet in her 3 bedroom house and putting down hardwood.

My husband and I were discussing the advisability of this yesterday. Both of us thought that maybe concrete is porous and that moisture might be a problem. Also in the back of my mind I always thought hardwood floors were used in modern times because termites were such a bit problem.

Anyone know anything about this?
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We have engineered hardwood floors layed over a regular concrete slab. Have had them since 2001 with no problems whatsoever. I know many others in our 70s-era neighborhood have them as well.
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They need to have the concrete tested for moisture. With solid hardwood floors, a proper vapor barrier should also be installed on top of the slab so moisture does not reach the finished floor. Have them contact a local hardwood company to see what they recommend.
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Whoever had our house before us converted the carport into a family room.
My DH is pretty convinced that plywood was placed over concrete flooring and carpet installed over the plywood.
A few years ago, we converted our carpeting to bamboo flooring.
Except for the fact that it was necessary to "season" our bamboo by sitting the boards in the room for a few weeks, they installed it over plywood.
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I live in Texas where, like Florida, many homes (like the one I live in now) are on concrete slabs.

There are pros and cons to wood floors over concrete. Engineered wood is the most common way to go. It is glued down directly to the concrete. But, it is easily damaged by standing water, especially in the kitchen, if there are leaks from dishwashers or sinks. (Ask me how I know!)Smile And, because the top layer is so thin, sanding and refinishing are not recommended.

Solid hardwood over concrete is very expensive because it is recommended that a plywood subfloor be installed over the concrete.

Laminate and vinyl are popular and a cost-effective choice over concrete. You should see some of the newer, premium vinyl wood-look planks in the showrooms. Awesome.

It's best to talk with reputable flooring dealers locally --NOT the big box stores-- to see what choices are out there.
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Yes, you can!

We are in Fl and on a slab. We installed the small piece parquet wood floors in our DR and foyer when we first built our house. Not sure where the myth or mis-information comes into play about slabs/wood floors.

You will likely want to do a moisture to check for moisture content. A reliable flooring store will help you with it.

We also have the laminate type wood that's been down for 13 years and no loss due to moisture. Dh and BIL did commercial and residential flooring for many years and never used any plywood under-layments.

Good luck with your decision.
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Yeah, what Aychi said. You need to have a plywood subfloor installed over the concrete slab before installing solid hardwood flooring.

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