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New place! Sign In/Join 
Been busy with the move. Finally out of the old place and into the new place.

I only got two hours of sleep the day before I arrived (moving my daughter out of the old house, as well as cleaning and preparing it for the new owners) So my first day here was uneventful. I slept most of the day.

The truck will arrive in a few days. I have that long to try and decide how to arrange things, get a few walls painted, etc.

Meanwhile- I did notice something already that I need to fix. Maybe someone can help? The tack strips for the carpet stick through the carpeting. This is only an issue in doorways to the bathrooms, where we are usually barefoot.

Any ideas on how to solve that problem?

(pictures to come later)
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Picture of Mary Ruth
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I had that once in a house I lived in, I walked around with a hammer, and then hit on the areas around the doorway. It is better than letting your bare feet find them!

Congrats on your MOVE! OH MY you are there for good now! What a blessing to have time to SLEEP before the movers arrive! I LOVE my quiet days to myself here in this house! Smile
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Congratulations on your new house. I wish you many years of happiness in it.

How far did you move from your old house?
How far will you be from your daughter?

Take your time. Moving can be an exciting but also traumatic time. You have the rest of your life to get settled in and decide on what colors to pain where.
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MR is right, take a hammer and beat those little suckers down. Good way to take out some of your frustration/aggression which moving certainly is!
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Do you have transition strips?

Good luck as you continue moving, TQ.
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Our bath has a metal strip that was folded over the tacks. Might be called transition strip as stated in a previous post.

Congratulations on the move. You have been awfully busy to get your dd's home and yours ready.

Please post photos as you make progress.


Friends divide our sorrows and multiply our joys.
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Transition strips are available in various materials, TQ, and are easy to install.

Did the sellers replace the unit's carpet prior to listing it? Sounds like they forgot the final step, i.e. replacing the transition strips.

Good Luck!
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