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  where we have lived
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Picture of lady of shallot
My new computer allows me to use Google earth and I love to do so, to see where people I read and admire have lived and to see the street view of houses I have once lived in.

The other day I was doing this and pulled this image up (not on Google although it was there but from another site in double checking the address)

When I first moved to NYC in the late 1950's I lived here. This was a residence for women as it had been since 1897. We paid $17 a week and that included two meals daily!

In the 1970's the organization that owned it wanted to turn it into a home for children abused by their parents and the neighborhood organization objected so much that the house was sold and turned into condos.

Two owners of these condos were Keri Russell and Matt Dillon. Also in this same block lived the Virginia of "yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus"

I love history and it is fascinating to see events from your own life become historical!

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That is pretty neat LOS. Don't have anything like that in my history.

Have only had 7 addresses (except for college years). Longest was from about 4 until 20 years old.

Will be interesting to see the replies.


Friends divide our sorrows and multiply our joys.
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Picture of CJO
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Jaw dropping here... Smile what a fabulous place; you must have a million wonderful memories! Jealous, I am Wink

As a newlywed, I lived in two dif Victorian-style houses that had been butchered up into apartments, both of which are fairly derelict now; very sad. Both of them had huge windows, One a bay window; both had high ceilings, thick woodwork, hardwoods, fireplaces although only one worked (with a gas grate replacement).
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Picture of Linderhof
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LOS -- what a great building to live in! And I'm sure some great memories as well.

It is fun to look up things on google earth. In doing genealogy, I found some addresses and looked those places up -- sometimes they're commercial buildings now -- sometimes empty lots but every once in a while there will be a real house!

Posts: 6357 | Location: On the prairie of Kansas | Registered: Dec 17, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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What a gorgeous building, LOS! I've always lived in the suburbs of large cities, so no beautiful buildings in my past, just nondescript apartment complexes.
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Picture of Mary Ruth
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Nice building and entrance!

I have gone on Google Earth and found all our old addresses [a lot with 30 plus moves] and put them on a CD for my kids. Last year my son and daughter went to an old residence in Charlotte NC, and then called me with a surprise of updated photos! That was FUN... we were all excited to see where he was standing... right outside the house!

Great post!
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Picture of aychihuahua
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Here's where my parents lived as young marrieds, and where my sister and I were born. We lived in this Brooklyn Heights building until I was age 4, when we moved to Long Island.

It was located 2 blocks from the Brooklyn Promenade, where my mother would take us in the stroller for a daily walk. The Promenade is situated on a bluff on the East River, overlooking the entire Manhattan skyline.

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Picture of lady of shallot
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funny you should post that Aychihuahua, my Dd just this weekend posted a pic of the three of us on the prom.

It seemed every summer night of her babyhood-toddler hood we pushed her in her stroller up there!
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Picture of aychihuahua
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Let's face it, Emily -- we were Brooklyn before Brooklyn was cool! Smile
Posts: 5365 | Registered: Jul 12, 2009Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of my2gals
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Wow...beautiful!! I could spend hours on Google Earth!! If you have an opportunity you may want to look at Virtual
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