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  Suggestions please for drapery hardware - don't have a clue
Suggestions please for drapery hardware - don't have a clue Sign In/Join 
On a budget and decided to line some inexpensive panels. They will be 110" long. I am adding rings and will use a pole.

Don't know if there are different quality drape poles and rings. Since it is so high, I need for them to slide easily. Any suggestions what to buy or where to go? thank you.
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You don't say how wide the windows are, but if you can get a rod cut to the exact width of the windows -- rather than using an adjustable telescoping rod -- that will make it easier to draw the curtains closed or pull them open.

Two things will make the rings stick: 1)the seam where the two portions of the telescoping rod meet. And, 2) rods that are too wide for the rings. Make sure the diameter of your rings is at least 1/2" wider than the diameter of the the rod.

Believe me, I've spend a lot of money and learned a hard lesson with ready-made curtains, rings and rods, which is why I offer the advice above.

Something else: your curtains panels are so long, you may need a curtain tender, which is a pole with a hook on the end, to help you draw the curtains closed.

Country Curtains is a wonderful source for curtain hardware; I highly recommend you check out their website:

Good luck.
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Picture of Christmas Candy
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Since you said you are on a budget, I have used PVC pipe as rods in a sunroom where I have long expanses of windows. You can paint it and since there would not be a seam if you cut it to exact length, the rings should slide easily.
I have also found finials at thrift stores that can fit into the pipe ends.

As Ay said, you will probably need a rod attached to the centers to pull the curtains from ground level.

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We don't shop there for anything else but have had terrific luck with JC Penney drapery hardware. The basic styles are very affordable.

Hope you find what you need -
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How wide is the window? You can also use wooden poles and brackets with rings.

Christmas Candy has a great idea too. Pvc is easy to use.

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you must have higher ceilings or are you puddling at the bottom?
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We made our curtain pulls out of dowel rods. I think we used 1/4-1/2" diameter and the 36" length, painted them white and attached a hook eye to the end. Works for us.
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