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Bed styling Sign In/Join 
Picture of lady of shallot
In the midst of changing beds and was reminded of a friends bedroom I visited recently.

Her bed is made up very attractively but I don't think so currently for now.

She has a brass king sized bed frame. Her top sheet (with ruffled edge) is folded down over the blankets and spread leaving the top of the bed uncovered. Her pillows occupy this space, they are stacked two by two. With the ruffled edged pillows on top. It looks very nice as does her entire room.

For myself, I lay the sleeping pillows flat with the larger matelesse covered pillows angled upright against the others. DH's bed has four pillows (2 X 2) placed upright against the bed frame and a large European square decorative pillow against those. Both these beds have coverlets. My guest room bed has no bed pillows kept on it, just the matching (to the spread) square pillows propped up.

Do the beds in your house vary or do you make all beds up the same way? Do you like to decorate your beds with the same thought as the rest of your home?

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Picture of Linderhof
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I was in a TJ Maxx a few years ago and looking at pillows and a lady asked me how many decorative pillows to put on a bed -- I replied "as many as you're willing to take off every night and put back on every morning"!

Here -- we dress our beds simply -- a white matelesse spread on both our beds which covers the two pillows on the bed. A down comforter folded at the bottom. One needlepoint pillow in the middle for color!

For the guest room, the armoire holds extra pillows -- two each foam and feather so guests can have more pillows and their choice of type of pillow.

It's not trendy but it suits us!

Oh, and our sheets are all white -- three sets -- one on each bed and a spare for change. It works and I don't have a lot of sheets in the closet!

I like the matelesse spread because it can be washed. As can the covers of the duvets.

I personally like a bed that looks made rather than a bed that looks like you're about to climb in it -- but that's just me!

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Picture of Indexlady
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Soon, I hope to have TWO beds. The one for sleeping in at night, which will be made up in the morning. The other for naps during the day, more like a daybed with just a light cover tossed over me.

I really dislike making the bed in the morning, then messing it all up just to take a nap in the afternoon (nearly a daily occurence).

The daytime bed will be in my office, so I can just grab a quick nap without leaving the room to get distracted with other things.
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Picture of lady of shallot
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I prefer white too, Martha but have some colored. Also all cotton. Which I iron and line dry.
Although in this weather it has to be inside and there is definitely a difference, esp in the sweet scent from outdoor drying.

Yep a napping and a night time would be great, but my napping usually occurs by accident when I am watching t.v.
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Picture of junk collector
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I too keep it simple. White matelesse or cream quilt. My wee ones jump all over and I like to be able to bleach things. I would also like to be able to nap! Seems I have lost the ability to do so.
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Picture of CER
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I'd like to add that this is an ongoing dilemma for me. I've even snipped pics of beds similar in style to keep in mind the way they are dressed.
Our bed is contemporary and has upholstered headboard, sides and ends. Nothing looks quite right unless it is neatly tucked, and that's no easy task when driving material between the tightly fitting mattress and sideboards nearly breaks a fingernail.
My husband also has this pillow thing where one has to be between his legs, one that he hugs and one on top the dog between us (that way she is warm but not under the covers.
I sleep with a huge wool poncho under the sheets and over me.
So there is always a pillow under the covers (one at DH feet) a stray pillow on the bed and my blankie that lives on "my side".
So If I make the bed up nicely I have to reassemble that puzzle de couche every night.
So unless I have company who will go past our room, or I'm feeling ambitious for the day I just flap the sheets straight and lay the top blanket neatly.
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Picture of CER
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Well, I was inspired enough to work on "dressing" the bed this am.
I did the whole tuck thing and even ironed my pillow cases and the part of the sheet that was turned down.
In order to do all the tucking and folding and fluffing I had to walk around the bed about 17 times. It's just my opinion but makinga bed should not result in motion sickness.
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Picture of Always1StepBehind
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Although I would like the look of decorative pillows, I wouldn't want to take the time to mess with them.

I'm waiting for the bedroom wall to be finished so I can get back to our bedroom décor. Now DD can have whatever color or design she wants without having to take my side of the room into consideration.
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I try to dress the bed when I make it up in AM, with all it's pillows, etc,. However after DH takes his beauty rest nap in the afternoon, I just give up doing it again other than putting the 8 pillows back in order, unless company is coming.
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Picture of Grapefruit
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Our bed is always made and looks neat. As long as the flannel sheets are on it, it is styled enough for me!

I would perish without those things!
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Picture of sjf
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I have the most fun with the office twin bed...I have inexpensive covers for the seasons...currently one with snow flakes (maybe that wasn't the best this year, lol) one with a fall leaf, and floral for summer..

we're in the process of replacing bed pillows...we each have 3...right now we have a heavier spread, but as soon as the weather changes dh prefers a light weight decorative pillows...
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Picture of my2gals
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In the master bedroom I currently have a duvet cover with a down blanket folded at the foot of the bed and I fold the sheets over to leave space for 3 euro pillows in decorative shams. The pillows we actually sleep with tucked behind the euros. I recently took advantage of a great sale at Pottery Barn and purchased 2 deocrative pillows with monogram on each. As much as I love them I am not sure they will last long as it seems just a bit too much. I prefer a more simple look and definitly prefer to only have to remove 3 vs 5 pillows nightly.

Guest bedroom has 2 reg pillows for use, 2 euros, 2 standard sz pillows in decorative shams, body size monogrammed pillow and 3 smaller decorative pillows. Way too much! In my defense, if you are a guest in my home I will certainly beat you to the bed to turn it down for you each night and stash all of the random pillows. Smile
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Picture of Beau's Rose
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What a fun post about bedding and styles! There is a local shop that has a wonderful array of designer bedding and accessories. It is a delight to steal away and visit to see their new displays just for ideas. A few of the collections even offer a coordinating bed scarf.

I love seeing a pretty bed all made up with linens and pillows. But our schedules are different and it doesn't always happen here. Our beds are styled very different in the two rooms. The king in our master is usually made up with 2 Euros and then king shams on pillows in front. I use the duvet cover flat (like this pic) and don't add any inserts so it's more like a spread. No decorative pillows though. I use the panel type bedskirts as they easier to change out as needed.

The bed in the girlie room has recently been changed to a plain ivory spread with matching Euro shams. It's easier to change decor and still coordinate. Right now the room is under consideration for a paint color change to go with the new curtains. Smile I'm still deciding on the bedskirt for the bed. There might even be a bed scarf or blanket added too.

~Like sands through the hourglass
~So are the days of our lives

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Picture of lady of shallot
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That is a beautiful bed in the pic BR! But then I do love blue and white!
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