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Black Furniture Sign In/Join 
So I love black furniture. But I feel like I am over doing it. My bedroom has a black bookshelf, desk, dresser, and headboard. And I am thinking of doing a black coffee table and tv stand for the living room. Is it too much? I don't know what else to use for pieces of furniture when most of the other pieces are black - because I want it all to match or at least "go" together. Any suggestions? Do you think it's fine how it is?
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Trying to picture it in my head it sounds like a lot of black. On the other hand, it depends on what else you have in the rooms with it. Care to share pictures?

Black mixes well with certain stained wood tones like medium cherry or if you like high contrast, light maple. I think as long as you have a balance of light and dark, you are fine.
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Cavin's advice is spot on.

My two cents: Nothing is more exciting in a color scheme than black with one color. Wonderful combinations are the classic black and white; vibrant black and red or black; subtle black and grey; cheerful black and yellow.

Here are some good ideas for working with black furniture:
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it is in a different room, so why not? go for it!
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In addition to the colours aychihuahua mentioned, black with lots of neutral colours is a rich combination too. I have used black, cream and camel in room designs with stunning results.
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Awesome, thanks for the great advice! The color scheme I've been using in my room is black, gray, white, and turquoise.
Still not sure what colors I'll be using int he living room. Mabe blue/turquoise again. I'm obsessed. You're right it's in a different room so I'll go for it. Smile
I would post pictures but I'm in the middle of a move! Maybe I'll post some and see what you guys think later.
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This from the Black Lady.
It is my favorite color and it is used liberally throughout my house in different schemes.
Family room is butterscotch and black.
Kitchen is black and white with touches of terra cotta in flooring and Mexican backsplash tiles.
Bedroom is grey with black and touches of sage green.
When I finally decide to redo my master bath, it shall be black and white.
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that's the joy of YOUR house! it's in YOUR style and if you like black and white. go for have plenty of time in the future if and when you ever decide to move/sell...or change, like we seem to do about every 5-10 years...besides if the furniture is painted black style whose to say you can't refinish to ???
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pengwinn, I love black furniture too, but try to mix something else in there. Some natural wood, or a piece painted white....something so that you have more than just black furniture.
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