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Mirror cover up Sign In/Join 
I have a tall and wide antique piece that was once a built-in hutch. It has framed mirrors along the back and sides in the first section above the drawers that is around 15" high. I don't want to remove the mirrors, because they are framed in. Also, I don't know what I would find behind the mirrors if I were to remove them. I don't want to maybe ruin this piece that I love so much.

I would like to cover up the mirrors, because this piece is directly across from my bed. The last thing that I want to do is watch myself sleep at night. It is also kind of scary that the first thing that I see in the morning is how I look when I wake up. lol

I am not very good with crafts and I cannot sew a stitch.

Thank you for any help that you can give to me.

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There are lots of sources these days for decorative films (and decals) for glass and mirrors: some can be easy DIY and some can be more complex or customized.

Here is just one source that could give you some ideas and inspiration.

You can find these sometimes in the big box home improvement stores.
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You could glue either paper or fabric to the mirror. You could also paint the mirror. Nothing will hurt the mirror but the fabric or paper would be ruined (probably) if you want to take them off.

I do decoupage on glass which is what mirror is so it is easy to do. Maybe you could glue on family photos?

Another thing you could do would be to cut pieces of cardboard that are the same sizes as the mirror sections and wrap fabric around the cardboard (gluing it down in back) this would give a more finished look to the project and cover the glass. If you did this the pieces could just be "tacked" to the mirror with small amounts of hot glue, using a glue gun.
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I too was going to suggest covering cardboard cut to fit and covering it with fabric. A thin sheet of batting between cardboard and fabrics would give it an upholstered effect. Simply invest in a glue gun and glue sticks to adhere the fabric wrapped around the cardboard pieces about an inch or so all around. Temporarily adhere the cut out upholstered boards via double sided tape sold in rolls or sticky backed male/female Velcro tabs or strips. The fabric should compliment your room scheme. Stripes and dots are fun as is a black and white damask or even a solid. If you are new to glue guns, they are easy to use, but can burn. One safety tip is to have a bowl of ice water nearby just in case a drop of hot glue hits your skin. Another glue stick tip is to refrigerate the sticks a while. It is said to reduce the formation of strings when heated, but strings are not difficult to clean up however. This project is doable for novice crafters. Optionally. Using wallpaper applied to foam core cut to fit is another way to go.
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There are lots of options including the fabric as already mentioned.

You could also use chair caning and paint it a color. Use double sided tape or glue dots to apply it just in case you need to remove it later.

Have fun with your project!

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Could you possibly post a picture of the piece? I am trying to imagine what you are talking about and am having a hard time. If you are talking about something like this photo I found on the web, then it would be easy to use the space for something like a bookshelf, and the books would obscure the mirror enough to make it hard to see yourself in the morning.

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