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  learning from our old photo albums
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Picture of lady of shallot
Recently I have been going through old photos for an idea, I had. I'm finding it kind of a downer. First so many people have left us, then it reminds me of so many sadder, unhappier times than positive happy ones, but finally (and more pertinently to this forum) I find looking at old pics of furnishings, decor etc. discouraging.

Looking at HGTV leads one to believe that very young people buy houses and move into them with all the furnishings and decorations in place (i.e. property brothers etc) Even house hunters where they expect granite counters, islands, stainless steel appliances etc.

Back when I married and for many years after, my surroundings were much less than complete, fulsome or great looking. this wasn't just me, everyone I knew started out married life in an apt. with relatives cast off furnishings.

Even when DD got married 24 years ago our house was not "done" When I look at all my attempts to create a silk purse out of a sows ear, it depresses me, does not give me a feeling of accomplishment or satisfaction.

Does anyone else on here feel the same way? Then somewhere along the very recent way, instead of having too little of everything we now seem to have too much, but it doesn't mean that that too much is of sterling value or quality.

Wow I sound like the opening line of Moby ****!

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I don't watch HGTV anymore. I think it is sad to see young adults buy more "house" than they can afford because they want it all NOW.

I don't get to change much or "redecorate". Our dinning set is from my grandmother, if you remember the broken table legs post. Anyway still haven't replaced, so making do.

I don't have open floor plan, granite counter tops or stainless appliances. More than likely will never have them. Also, our house is "out dated" according to HGTV.

I do get sad looking at photos and even my sis' videos remembering the family and friends that have passed away. Most are good memories.

I am trying to live with what I have instead of what I wish I had.


Friends divide our sorrows and multiply our joys.
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We were on a family outing last weekend and seemed as if everyone is building new homes. Hubby asked if there are really that many doctors and lawyers that can afford to build. I think it's people who will have a bunch of debt. The only shows I like on HGTV are the decorating shows because all the others seem to have whiney spoiled little brats looking for their move in ready home. I did see a show yesterday where an expecting couple was house hunting. The wifes' complaint was the bath was wallpapered and she didn't have time to deal with that when the new baby comes along. Yes, the wallpaper would not had been my personal choice but it wouldn't had been the deal breaker that she made it seem. We've been in our home since Feb. 2000 and we are just now able to actually do some updating. I recall a saying I read recently "don't get too busy making a living and forget to make a life" Nothing I can own is as valuable to me as my family. I'd rather my kids have happy memories than memories of their parents running off to work all the time because we choose to live beyond our means.
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Picture of joyluck
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I have few pics of the interior decor of our many homes as usually took pics only of people and didn't try to include much of the decor. Never even occurred to me to do so. However my memory is still very much intact and I am very pleased with the progress of my decor. I cringe when I think of some of the things I thought were OK back when. I used to find ideas in home decor magazines and DH made several things to my specs. Definitely not 'sterling quality' and all those things are long gone but we did have fun decorating our first few homes. We definitely started off on a shoestring as far as furniture and decor was concerned altho did have a really nice new car which was DH's choice! LOL Never wanted to go into debt for furniture tho which is why it took a few years to have better things.

My only regret is that I didn't buy more antiques early on when they were inexpensive.

By the time we had kids and I became a SAHM we had some decent furniture and I liked the way my decorating style was evolving. It was quite eclectic with a few good old pieces and some interesting repurposed items. I could describe my current decor the same altho almost everything has changed from 40 years ago.

It kind of bothers me that my kids think new mid-priced furniture is better than old good quality stuff. They like transitional/modern styles and I know it won't last as long as the solid wood old things do. I never say anything tho as it's their choice for their homes and they don't go into debt for it.

I don't watch HGTV or any decorating shows anymore as find them contrived and the attitudes ridiculously self-indulgent.


"I have always had an aversion to the concepts of in style and out of style." ~Rose Tarlow

Inspirational pics:
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Picture of lady of shallot
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I have few pics of the interior decor of our many homes as usually took pics only of people and didn't try to include much of the decor

Well that was true of me too. Remember when we used to have rolls of film and take them to the drugstore or a photo shop to be printed? Too much of a luxury to take just of decor but it does show in pics of people. Some things I remember fondly like the d.r. that had black and white fabrics and maps on the walls.
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Picture of CJO
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I REALly understand what you are saying...on all levels; and these 'young-ns' that HAve all this stuff don't seem any happier. They don't know about 'building' a future, they want the future TOday.

I emphatically h8te HH and all the whiners and refuse to watch unless it's from a town we know, perhaps. I will watch the IHH; they seem nicer for the most part.
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