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  Please Help! Trying to make a canopy for my poster bed
Please Help! Trying to make a canopy for my poster bed Sign In/Join 
Hello everyone,

I have a canopy bed frame already. I'm looking for a howto/ DIY tips on how to cover it. My bed looks similar to this ,But I want it to look something like this . I've searched for days and everything I find just shows how to build a poster bed or create a canopy that give the look of a poster bed. Can anyone provide tips or sites that would help me create that look?
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Picture of Beau's Rose
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Hi and Welcome!

Love to see your project. Do you have fabrics selected already? Do you sew?

It's an easy DIY. You can either mount from ceiling or directly to the insides of posts.

This is one of my favorite pattern companies.

You can order the valance patterns too depending on the look you want for your canopy.

Good luck & again Welcome!

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Thank you. I sew pretty well. I haven't purchased fabics yet just trying to find the best way to do it
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think I recall on one of the shows? they started with a diy made rectangle of 2x4's mounted to the ceiling for a base...they mounted curtain rods to the exterior of the frame...

use a stud finder to have the most secure frame to the ceiling...the more secure the frame the heavier the fabric you can use..(like velvet, ect)
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I've seen this project completed very easily and nicely by draping sheets and tying them over a 4 poster bed like yours, i.e. no sew.

Good Luck!
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Why not try to make your own design, after all that is just a DIY ideas, use recyclable materials to make it unique.

works at
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Picture of lady of shallot
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I looked at both beds and think you can achieve the rather elaborate canopy you like.

For the drapery on the top it is simply creating the flat piece and sewing on the draped ends and sides. Looks like it would use a lot of fabric and that in the pic looks satiny and probably expensive. If I were attempting this I would sew the length of the draped fabric to the side(s) of the top fabric. Gather both ends of the fabric for draping, till you achieve the length of the end part of the drapery. Secure it and then it would be done. Of course you have to do this for all four sides of the top.

How does you wooden canopy top come apart? That would determine how to fasten the end (top to floor) pieces. Probably gathering the tops to the width you want, attaching velcro the the sewed top and velcro to the framework of canopy and attaching. This of course would be under the fabric part that is the "lid" to the whole shebang. Good luck!

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