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  boys bedroom ideas
boys bedroom ideas Sign In/Join 
i am planning on paining my 9 year old son's room this next week. He needs new bedding and loves sports. Any ideas on colors? What about bedding? I want something that will grow with him. He has a smokey blue on his walls right now and would like to keep that color. I am not so sure, so I am open to any suggestions. As for the bedding.... plaid, solid, stripe, etc.? Thanks you for taking to time to try to help me!
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First of all, it is his room, so I would have the tendency to allow him the honor of choosing his favorite color and work around that.
If he likes that blue, let it be blue!
You can show your own hand with accessories like his favorite sports posters, prints and the like. Taupe is a neutral shade and goes well with many colors. Same with shades of gray.
Perhaps you can find a pattern comforter with those hues in them.
You're on the right track. Play with it and most of all, have fun!
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I would choose bedding and window treatments first, then select a wall color from those. Also carpeting/rug if appropriate. Think he should have a say in the bedding/rug/wt.

Have some fun with it.

If you concerned about growing out of the theme, keep the expensive items neutral and the theme accessories for the lesser costing items. For example, a neutral rug or carpet not in a sports theme, but a color that maybe goes with sports theme sheets.


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I also would choose bedding first, and at age 9 I would keep the bedcover without theme. I think my oldest choose one basically in white & gray with narrow accent stipes of color in red and black. That cover served him until he moved out! Themes can be brought in through sheets, posters, collections on display - all are easily changed as he matures. This idea got us through the Sesame Street/Hot Wheels, Star Wars, Jazz, and (gulp), Punk Rock days LOL.

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I agree about finding the bedding first and keeping the print timeless vs the my. A stripe, plaid, block print, geometric print will stand the test of time especially if it is reversible to a solid. Be sure to allow his imput from comforter selection to wall color. Evoke his current passion I expensively via posters, photos, pillows, etc. Young children's tastes and interests are often short lived. Include his sweat equity as well as long as it is age appropriate. He will have a greater appreciation for the transformation. If he wants to include a costly accessory, encourage him to save up for it or earn it. Do not overlook the importance of storage, organization and lighting. Have fun collaborating and working together to achieve his vision.
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One thing that we have done for our three boys is paint a more neutral color but buy new wall decals every few years. I noticed that our sons change their favorite thing about every other year. We spend about $80 on decals then just take the old ones down and put new ones up. They love it. We have used the site

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