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  Mismatched cabinets
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We have a galley style kitchen. 1 wall has upper & lower cabinets with the sink and dishwasher. Directly opposite we have our range, fridge and kitchen doorway w/o any cabinets. Would it look out of place to install cabinets on each side of the range that don't match our original cabinets? The originals are slab doors and the newer cabinets would be recessed panel. Could they look unified by all being painted the same color? Thanks
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You can paint them out to match but it won't really conceal the fact that they aren't the same, even with identical hardware. How many doors are you thinking of? If you buy your new cabinets from a local shop they have the ability to make doors to fit your existing cabinets. If the drawers are slab too, get slab drawers on the new set, which will be less money. Trust me, you will be pleasantly surprised at what a small shop can do, you will get better quality, and I will wager the price will be the same or less than the box stores.

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have you considered the open shelving concept? save the closed cabinets for items you don't want seen...
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mountain, will you notice? Will it bother you? Those are the important questions, IMHO. I agree, painting it out should help, somewhat. Bottom line, if you don't care, ignore everyone else's opinion.

When you say "raised panel", I'm assuming you selected a complex raised panel door. If that's flexible, you definitely have other, possibly cheaper, options.

Have you priced out doing the new/range side in slab panel? If you did that, you might also consider a DIY job to unify both sides by altering the slabs with either some type of molding (say trim molding or any variation, up to and including crown) or a simple raised panel, say Shaker style.

Obviously, if/when you obtain a quote on the new/add'l slab doors, you could also request a quote on trimming/finishing them out, too - if you'd rather avoid the DIY job.

Alternatively, if your heart's set on the raised panel doors previously selected, how about saving a few **$ each month (if possible, assuming budget's the issue) to eventually replace the original slab doors?

JMHO and hope that helps, somehow.

P.S. Is this a home you plan to sell in the next year or two??

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What about glass in the new doors? Is that a possibility?
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You could order replacement doors to match the other cabinets if they have something that is similar.

Would open cabinets work for the wall space? The ones that only have shelves instead of cabinet doors.

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Is there an area of existing cabinets that (2 doors) could have doors taken off and then use those for new cabinets, then leave the other set or one (with two doors taken off) open, or make glass doors there, they are usually put in any kitchen with raised panel, shaker or any style door without looking out of place.
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