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a moral question Sign In/Join 
Picture of lady of shallot
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posted Jul 05, 2013 06:01 PM Hide Post
LoS, I may not agree with youon the subject of the ivy--and I wonder why you brought it up to begin with-

I think I said very plainly in my second post on this thread why I brought it up. It is (was) a problem to Me from my perspective. I was not actually seeking a round table discussion on the merits/demerits of ivy on fences.

I also have another "problem" that concerns me.

because of the road work/sewer replacement the workers took out about 6 courses of my brick driveway. this was very expensive and I paid it out of my earnings from a yard sale. Everyone else on my street has asphalt driveways and the new work will include asphalt in the breaks of the sidewalk (which will be concrete) up to people's current driveways.

Now in most cases that is fine, it will be a seamless blending in. But in our case I still want my brick driveway to go down to the edge of the new sidewalk (the same distance as the current driveway)

I hired the best landscape company here and I want the bricks replaced in as similar a fashion as possible. I must say the guys stacked them very neatly on the sidewalk leading to our porch.
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I'd check with the town. In my neck of the woods the GOOD side of the fence faces the outside.
It doesn't matter that the person looking at the inside of the fence paid for it. The good side goes towards the street and towards the neighbors.
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Picture of lady of shallot
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I believe that is the rule here too. but I don't care about that. It doesn't matter to me.

I will call code enforcement officer on Monday to see exactly what the town ordinances say.

Because this morning when I went out I saw he had been busy with his little knife again, cutting the ivy through the slits between the boards.

I'm pretty sure this is legal though as he would have found out from the town.

One time a friend was visiting me and she parked in front of their house. He put a note on her car saying she should not park there.

My friend who at that time worked in a law office checked it out and it is perfectly legal to park on any street (except in those situations where it is banned a/c weather etc)
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Picture of Annett
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LOVE the mural! Was this all your DH or did you paint some of it, too? In any case, you've certainly got talent in your family.
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Picture of lady of shallot
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Oh, Thanks Annett. No this is the work solely of DH. He is a professional artist and I just do painting of furniture etc.

Actually the artist part is not the sole reason I would not have participated. DH really likes to do all projects solo!
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