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  What "mistakes" do you live with?
What "mistakes" do you live with? Sign In/Join 
What "mistakes" have you made in decor that you have or had to live with? Mine (as of right now, because I'm sure there will be more) is installing vinyl sheet flooring in the bathroom. It is slippery when it gets wet and I never considered that when we purchased it. Both our little ones have fallen and I've skidded on it. I'll never buy it and learn Smile It will be replaced within the next couple years.
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Painting a door the same color as the wall instead of the same color as the trim. It's easy to ignore since it is a door from the living room into the hall and it stays open almost all the time. But it is time to paint the exterior of the house again plus two bedrooms and the trim in a couple of rooms, so the door will be fixed!

I know what you mean by a slippery bathroom floor. Mine was smooth, white ceramic tile. Fortunately, I had to replace the kitchen floor entirely rather than just partially, so I took the opportunity to use the textured Duraceramic I had bought for the kitchen in the bathroom instead. I chose cork for the kitchen and I couldn't be happier. I also feel much safer in the bathroom.

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I installed a jetted bathtub in my master bath. Hate it. Husband absolutely had to have the jets. I can't stand them. I should have listened to myself.
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Some mistakes are costly and so we must live with them -- others (like perhaps wall paint) can be fixed without spending a whole lot of money so you fix --

My "mistakes" were all furniture related -- an antique chair that I had upholstered in a dark green damask -- it was so beautiful -- the sample at the shop and the chair when it was finished.

And then we brought it home where the dark green damask just melted in the dark green living room walls. And it wasn't a "cheap" upholstery job so I lived with it for a long time until I reasoned that I could now change it -- and I did -- to a lighter damask (actually a striped damask) and it's been that fabric far longer than it had been the dark green one!

And the sofa . . . we had gotten a new sofa -- it was no more than a year and my MIL had just gotten a new sofa for her new house close by. She hated that sofa once she got it in place, had a melt down, wouldn't inconvenience the store by telling them that it didn't work to come get it so DH suggested we trade . . . and we did. I didn't like that sofa any better than she! But I was stuck with it! Luckily, DH is hard on sofas and we were able to buy a new one after four years. A leather one which does fit so much better!

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I haven't made a lot of costly mistakes, relatively speaking. However, I make mistakes all the time in my decorating. That's why my home looks unlived in a lot of the time. I'll buy something and then realize it wasn't right or I don't like it, and then I go for a long time before buying something else for fear that I'll make another mistake.
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The mistake I live with isn't mine but the contractor or achitect's. In one bedroom the door to the hallway opens back over the closet door. Over the 43 years I've lived here I have learned to call out before pushing the door open. The first year we nearly knocked each other out opening the entry door while the other was looking in that closet.
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We have a similar door situation like Busy Jo. Our master closet door and the main door will collide.

I wish the windows in our den were not one large bank of 5 windows together. It would be nice to have seperated them. They are one of the most frustrating decorating projects ever!

Right now I am "living with" the 5 slatted blinds on them also. Frown

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~So are the days of our lives
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Busyjo, our entry door to master bedroom and closet door interfere with each other too. Several mistakes like that here. Don't know how the builder got by with having the light switch for the bathroom in the tile surround for the tub/shower. When we redid it, the switch is outside in the hall at the doorway. Not ideal, but at least on one will get shocked.

Small mistake was at one time of picking master bedroom paint color before selecting bedding and window treatments. Thought it would have been easy finding items to go with that color. Wasn't so.

A costly one was putting family room carpeting down the hall for durability, but having the wall paint match the living room. Really ashamed to admit that one.

One of these years, hope we can remove wall to wall carpeting and have the hardwood flooring refinished with poly.

I am sure there are many more that I have forgotten about. Hope to avoid future mistakes using what I have learned on here.


Friends divide our sorrows and multiply our joys.
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One black and deep plum area rug plus one very white sheltie mix equals a lot of vacuuming!
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My mistakes usually involve matching colors instead of styles and then I end up not liking the furniture I've chosen.

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MB, we have scraps of vinyl flooring in the attic, just so the floor can be kept clean. It doesn't really match but is fine for what it is.

My mistake was thinking it was a good idea one hot summer day a year ago to slosh water all over shiniest scrap and then start mopping in my bare feet! I must have made a funny sight trying to regain my balance before I went down.

Then I could not get up, and had to scooch over to the staircase and swing my legs down a step or two to rise. Getting to be of an age when I should be more cautious.

Haven't made any costly mistakes but have made some fabric wise. One was listening to a decorator friend's choice for fabric for a chair. Just about everything was wrong with that. Too thin (for upholstery) the upholsterer put in on upside down and I never liked it in the first place.

When I first bought my Empire sofa I picked the fabric from too small a sample (did not know better) and it had way too much orange in it IRL.

In a way you could say the house was a mistake as it needed too much work on too small a budget but DH got to make the choice ('cause he thinks he should!)
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The biggest "mistake" made by ME was choosing a big flourescent light fixture for the kitchen! At the time, it was bright and I felt it would be ok. The builder put recessed lighting in other parts of the kitchen area so I guess he thought I was n u t s for choosing the one BIG one. UGH!

DH and I finally bought a new sofa for the greatroom. I was so excited when picking out upholstery fabric for the pillows to coordinate with the sofa. Forgot all about the dang area rug...that doesn't go with the fabric AT ALL!
Evidently my head was up my *** that day.

When building the house and picking out bathroom fixtures for the master bath, I chose gold! Totally wish I hadn't done that now (11 years after the fact).

The last thing I can think of is not going ahead with hardwood into the extra 2 bedrooms. They are the only 2 rooms that have carpet...which I do not prefer. Trying to save a little money at the time when honestly it probably wouldn't have been a major cost to begin with. That said, we were watching every penny so the extra bedrooms got carpet.
I realize some people like carpet in bedrooms...and it does feel nice on the feet. But with can be a stinker.

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of for now.

"Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened"
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Oh, so many! (and just reading through that last one, I have to assure luvtoflip that "gold" fixtures are coming back...hang in there!)...and that kind of leads into my worst one. I've reported it on here before, so I hesitate to do so again, but there are always different readers I suppose. My worst mistake ever was choosing "brass" shower enclosures, sight unseen. (I just know I've told this story so many times, so if you've heard it ad nauseum, scroll on by...). I didn't want shower enclosures in the first place, but we were having issues with our girls' upstairs bath, in which a lot of water seemed to be escaping the shower and seeping into the subfloor, which was sagging. (MUCH later, I took a shower in that bath and discovered it was a simple leak in the shower head that was spraying outward, but I digress...) DH was about to lose it with the girls, and we were also expecting a boy exchange student who was going to be using the other upstairs bath, and the upshot was that DH decided we HAD to put shower enclosures on both baths STAT before the boy's arrival. We had fairly nice brass faucets at the time, left over from the 90s and have since been replaced, but decent. The fixtures inside the tubs were (and are still) regular stainless, but hidden by shower curtains. So I was pretty busy at the time (looking back, I'm not sure exactly WHY I was too busy for such a major decision), but I told DH to go ahead and order the enclosures. He called me and asked if I wanted stainless or brass. I remember hesitating, and he said I could go look at the samples, and I said I didn't have I just made a snap decision to go with brass...well, the minute I saw them I could have cried. Not "brass" at all, just a very cheap looking gold metal (but they weren't cheap), and we've been stuck with them ever since (10 years). I keep them covered by fabric shower curtains, but at some point I will have to decide what to do with them for resale.

I've made other mistakes, but this was story was long enough Wink
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Picture of WWanda
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Nitalynn, I hope you're right cuz I think I'm in the minority that actually likes, and has, brass in my home.

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I have a lot of antique accessories in brass/bronze tones in my contemporary style condo. When it came time to replace the door hardware I went with ORB instead of chrome or nickel. I didn't think about the round almost black knobs on white painted doors looking like polka dots. The hardware was expensive so eventually I will have to paint the doors a darker color.
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Good to hear that, Charles - that even a pro can make that mistake. I have been studying LOTS of online photos of white kitchens, and have noticed that I hate the "polka dot" look of ORB hardware.
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Well you all know mine was the color mistake I recently posted accent wall and green walls everywhere else. I will have to live with it awhile but am getting used to it now.

Junk Collector, I empathize with you completely. I used to have a Sheltie and he also had so much white hair....I was constantly vacuuming! But I sure miss him now......I have not had another dog since.

My mind is a garden. My thoughts are the seeds. My harvest will be either flower or weeds.
--Mel Weldon
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Installing an antique cast iron tub instead of an acrylic tub in our Master bath. At the time we thought it would be nice but it's a bear to keep clean.
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I got in a big hurry to pick out the paint and flooring in a bathroom we gutted. I hate it.

(glad I got this mistake out of the way early)
I hired a contractor by the hour! That's one mistake you only make once.

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The mistake that comes to mind are my brushed cotton twill draperies throughout the main level of my home. I thought they'd be a great way to tie the rooms together while letting the sun take care of the lighting. Unfortunately, the sun does an EXCELLENT job of it, and at certain times of day I'm ducking the glaring reflections of sunbeams piercing through cotton and bouncing off every slick surface in the house. I've actually taken to pinning bedsheets across the drapes to cut the glare!
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