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  help with carpeted bathroom
help with carpeted bathroom Sign In/Join 
my master bedroom and bath are a suite, so the carpet from MBR extends into the bath. the garden tub is angled into one corner, the double sinks along one wall and a free standing shower angled into the opposite corner. This makes rugs and bath mat placement awkward. So, I actually like the feel of the carpet on my bare feet but I need some more decorative way to protect the carpet from spilled makeup, wet feet the bathmat didn't catch, etc. Thought of custom cutting a rug from carpet remnants, vinyl flooring, etc ... any ideas to marry function and style (please don't tell me to replace the carpet...can't do that right now)
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I'm not sure I understand. You said that you can't use bathmats because of the placement of the various elements of the bathroom so are you thinking of something that would effectively cover the whole floor?
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Can you get carpet tiles to create custom "bath mats?" You can at least cut it to go around the toilet which is the grossest prospect of what could happen to the carpet underneath, and they are easy to clean, etc.
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The best solution is to replace the carpet in the bathroom with an appropriate hard surface flooring. It could be tile, or sheet vinyl, etc.

No form of cover up over the carpet is really going to work.

I would have the bathroom carpet cleaned, so it can look as good as it can, and then sit tight and save up the money to have a new floor put in.
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ITA with cocok.

We are in a similar situation: the home we just bought is in dire need of updating. The major stuff, like the kitchen and most of the flooring, has already been done and we have decided to postpone re-doing the bathrooms until next year.

We had the hideous carpeting in both bathrooms ripped out. The MBA is just like yours, a large suite that includes two big walk-in closets and a separate room for the commode. (Even THAT had carpet. Yuck.)

My DH is now installing peel and stick tiles over the concrete slab, which he cleaned and patched to make the slab smoother. This is a temporary fix so that we don't have to walk on bare concrete for the next year or so. And, these tiles can be easily removed when it's time to replace the flooring.

Gotta admit, our bathroom floors look pretty darn good. Sticky vinyl tiles have improved immensely over time, and at a range of 89 cents to $2.00 per square foot, you can get a lot of design bang for the buck. We got ours at Lowe's, but Home Depot also has them in many colors and styles.

Best of luck, whatever you do.
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without actaully see your bathroom and layout, I'd say just put small bath rugs where you need them.

I have a very small bathroom and was trying to figure out what size bathroom rug to use...a small one just in front of tub but then it looks weird half way in front of toile or get a bigger one that goes in the middle of the bathroom...???

But then I was at my neighbors that has the same condo as me and she had one small right outside the tub and one small one in front of the vanity and it looked good.
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I would definitely remove the carpet in the bathroom as it is prone to mildew. I would use a threshold piece between bathroom and bedroom. I would install tile or vinyl in the bathroom. There is an array of bath mats and runners to suit your needs and most are washable. I love the memory foam type as found in Bed, Bath and Beyond as well as other retail stores. Bath mats/rugs even come in small rounds if space is tight but be sure they are non skid.

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we, too, have carpeting (burber) which extends into the now office, but, and we were lucky, the tsll toilet is next to the walk-in shower so it took only 15 tiles for that "germy area" lol...we removed the bathtub when my mother used, the now office, as her bedroom...i liked it so much (have a chair in the shower what a treat that is) it's now my bath! dh uses the one upstairs...

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