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  Fireplace, Windows, and TV (oh my!)
Fireplace, Windows, and TV (oh my!) Sign In/Join 
My wife and are building a house. We are still in the design phase but have pretty much nailed down what we want to do for just about everything. But one of the areas that we are stuck on is how to design the great room with nice windows, a gas fireplace, and a good sized TV. The one thing we know we don't want to do is put the TV above the fireplace. We both agree that looks a little silly and is also uncomfortable to have to look up at a TV so high on the wall.

Attached is a diagram of the room we are talking about. We aren't interested at this point in changing the footprint of the room or moving the fireplace.

There are 2 exterior walls: East and South. In the picture, East is up and South is to the right. So the fireplace is along the South wall. We like the idea of having windows flanking the fireplace as shown to let in light. Also to be considered is the fact that the largest part of the yard where the kids will most likely be playing is off to the upper right of the drawing, so we'd like to be able to look out that direction.

Seems the most obvious place for the TV is in the SE corner, but we think that would block the window and look stupid. We also think having a big bright window directly behind the TV would make it hard to see the TV.

We considered putting the TV on the other side, but that has the same problems as above, plus there might also be glare from the large window on the top wall.

We've considered simply the window to the left of the fireplace in favor of the TV, but are worried that will look un-symmetric and funny. Same consideration on the other side, which has the additional glare issue.

We've considered changing one or more of the flanking windows to be transom. If we did one window it would be not symmetric and if two what do you put underneath the one that doesn't have the TV?

My wife suggested moving the TV into a completely different room, but I'm not very happy with that idea.

So we're lost. Frown

We would love any suggestions, and would especially appreciate if anybody could point us to a web site or some other similar resource where we could see photos of lots of different ideas and potential solutions.

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Keep the top line of the two single windows the same as the large triple window. Reduce the overall height of the side windows so there is at least 60 inches from sill to floor. Have a matched pair of cabinets built for either side. Consoles for an exposed TV, open bookcase style, or closed with doors, your choice. The symetry will emphasize the important architectural detail of the fireplace instead of just dressing one side and losing the impact.

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First, we have our tv in front of a double window....much better for seating to see TV. We did have the TV on a wall facing the double windows and yes, there was a glare. I personally would probably put only one window beside the fireplace and put your TV on the windowless side.

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All I know is that I fought the problem for 33 years of placing furniture when you do not have the TV and fireplace on the same wall, I do now, we have our TV above the fireplace now and have no problems watching it either sitting up straight or laid out in the lounge chairs.

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I'm with Charles and you're halfway there already with your question about the transoms. It looks to me that your window codes indicate transoms over all the windows in the room; I'd keep the ones you have specified on the east wall but change the south windows to be similar to those transoms but more of a square shape so they come down farther on the wall without the main windows. They can be fixed pane and use the same dividers (or lack of dividers) that you select for the east transoms. This would mean that if your east transoms are 3 over 3 or just three across, your south would probably end up as nine pane units. This would give you placement for the TV whether you go for the cabinetry he mentioned or just live with furniture for a period of time. The upgrade to built-ins would be simple later without having to move or change windows.
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Plan the type of window treatments you want to use for your room also. Often window layouts do not have sufficient room for mounting brackets and rods.

Good luck!

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Do a google search using the words "fireplaces with built in cabinets" and click on images...lots of ideas!!!

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Ditto to what Charles said.

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Thanks to everybody for your responses! We truly did find them helpful. Smile
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