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  Sliding closet doors - mirror or not?
Sliding closet doors - mirror or not? Sign In/Join 
Picture of Pecasatwo
Hi - we have a 106" wide closet currently with three wooden sliders (each 3') and I am thinking of replacing them with mirror doors. My home is older (50's) and there is no wall space in this bedroom for hanging a dressing mirror - so I figured why not change the doors -? I would go with heavy beveled edge glass - not the inexpensive plastic framed doors of the past... what do you tink - mistake or not?

All opinions welcome. ps - it's not ahuge room - but it has two walls of window and a wall of dresser - so this is almost a full wall of mirror - across from the windows - so it would bounce lots of light!
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Picture of annie17
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My living room window is 110" so I have a pretty good idea of the size you are working with and that is a large area. Personally, I would not like that much mirror but if you like it, go for it!

I saw this done to wood doors and it creates the look of "french doors".

Posts: 7968 | Registered: Jul 06, 2005Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Froo Froo
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Annie, I LOVE that take on a French door so thanks for posting it.

Regarding 9feet of mirrored closet doors, I too think it's a bit much. It's personal opinion though. Can you mount a framed mirror on the back of the entry door? Another option and one I have is to have a standing mirror if floor space allows.
Posts: 18382 | Location: Right here, duh! ;) | Registered: Nov 03, 2005Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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We designed and built our present home 27 years ago. Our master has a whole wall of sliding mirrored doors...not particularly fashionable these days, but I wouldn't change them now as they make the bedroom APPEAR much larger than it is and as they are opposite another wall of windows...the light reflects giving the room a very spacious feel.
Posts: 734 | Location: Canada | Registered: Jan 15, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of out on a limb
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i have a full length mirror on the inside of closet doors - One that i can stand far enough back to get a good look at me from head to toe.

I suppose it is personal taste - but I would not want to see myself in a mirror everywhere i turned, so a wall of mirrors wouldn't be my cup of tea.


Posts: 5532 | Location: dayton ohio | Registered: Jul 11, 2007Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I would be concerned about proportional space... 9' isn't bad if your wall is at least double that length. Love the idea of being able to bounce light around though. I think Annie's post is something to inspire you... the benefits of mirror tempered with classic doors. I am just taken with those.
Posts: 4454 | Location: Texas | Registered: Mar 29, 2007Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of wendek
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I say go for it. I had a tiny 710 sq ft house with mirror sliders on th hall closet and they were great for 'adding' expansiveness to the place. Like you, it was the only place for a full length mirror.

After a while you don't even notice them or yourself in them all the time.

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Posts: 4337 | Location: SF | Registered: Feb 27, 2008Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of sjf
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i'm glad you're not skimping on the mirrors...what i might do is find a glass showroom and look at a larger set to see if you'd be overwhelmed...
Posts: 8479 | Location: se mi | Registered: Sep 25, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I LOVE the ones that I have!!!

Mirrors are not currently the trend but as soon as everyone has taken them down, the pendulum will swing and they will be de rigeur again.
Posts: 1126 | Registered: Jan 20, 2011Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I don't care for the look myself. If that is what works for you--go ahead. If that is what will make you happy- go for it. It is not a difficult thing to change down the road if you needed to sell and buyers didn't like it.
Posts: 419 | Location: Illinois | Registered: May 22, 2009Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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My closets have mirror framless folding doors and look GREAT!!!!
Posts: 1126 | Registered: Jan 20, 2011Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of jovtfam4
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We did something similar to the picture posted. We just got the mirror tiles and put those on the wood doors with trim and stuff. I looks nice. I like it better than a huge solid mirror door.
Posts: 3363 | Registered: May 03, 2008Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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