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  NEED IDEAS for front of house
NEED IDEAS for front of house Sign In/Join 
My boyfriend and I are in the process of buying a house and need some help with ideas on how to update the front of the house! It's very outdated and would like a much more modern feel to this split level. We are planning on putting on a new roof, update the siding, shutters, and garage door. Any and all ideas are welcome on what we can do to help modernize this house!!


Front of House
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Your home is very cute! Your changes will be refreshing.

I would remove that wrought iron railing, replace the lights, and remove all of the overgrown landscaping.
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Picture of Mary Ruth
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If you are redoing the roof, is there room in the budget for an extended roof over the front right portion of the house? IF you love sitting out front, there is a perfect opportunity to extend the porch to the right and have a screened in or covered front porch.

IF not a covered front porch, losing the railing and extending the front porch (you do not have to extend the steps) for a place to put large pot style garden to the right of the front door. IF South facing side of house, then perhaps a Pergola over the front windows to help cool off the sun exposure?

Paint the stone to one neutral color to tie in siding and it will be textural but not distracting. Lose the under window ornamentation and make larger, lower window boxes.

Two lights, one on each side of the driveway instead of the one in the center top around the garage door.

Widen the rounded walkway from front porch to driveway and then do some plantings in front of the edges of that walkway.

Cute house, GOOD LUCK with your move!
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Picture of MyLifeVacation1
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No ideas on updates, sorry, but that house is almost identical to the house I grew up in in the late 50s/early 60s. That room above the garage with the double window -- that was my room.

Good luck with your new home.
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I agree w/ the suggestion to remove the iron railing and update the lights. Lighting is often overlooked in and outside a home and yet has tremendous impact. Remove the shutters and flower boxes for a more sleek look too. Once the roof color is set, consider a neutral, dramatic hue for the siding that compliments the stonewwork and is in great contrast such as a charcoal gray (again, factor in the roofing color). If/when budget permits, replace the front door with something less casual and paint it a welcoming color like a warm yellow or red (again, depending on the colors you select for the facade and roof). Also, changing the front picture window to a solid pane or something more modern will help with the look you seek. Colorful landscaping and removal of overgrown plantings will also improve the curb appeal. BTW, a simply designed garage door painted to coincide w/ the siding will make it disappear. If you wish it featured, consider a more ornate door like a carriage style. Happiness in your new home!
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Congratulations, Melissa! Cute home and great suggestions from everyone. Instead of repeating them, I'll just mention the most inexpensive project that would provide the greatest impact, IMHO - accent paint.

If you are stretched for **$ after buying the home and just want to do 1 thing, I would immediately paint the front door in a vivid color (whatever you like) to make it stand out and invite visitors into your home. For example, you could do burgundy.

I would also select another accent color - let's say black. If you used black for only the window ribs and possibly the garage door frame, you'd get high impact at low cost. You could consider painting the gutters, too.

Next inexpensive project: After accent paint, for fun and whimsy, you might consider replacing your front downspout with a rain chain. Very important, however, to make sure the water's draining properly, away from your home.

Next inexpensive project: I would replace the front door. (Sorry, the current door looks like a back door.) You can find solid, secure, paintable options for a few hundred dollars.

So, just to give you a few ideas, if you want to slightly delay the major projects on your list. I concur with everyone else WRT landscaping, porch, lighting, etc. BTW, if/when you update the garage lights, I would also suggest a coordinating (but need not match) porch light.

Have fun with your new home!

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Picture of Beau's Rose
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Hi & Welcome!

Congrats on your new home. What a fun project to do some updates.

Just a few suggestions from looking at the pic. Bring those steps out from the front by adding another landing, then turn them to adjoin the driveway.

Remove or trim the overgrown shrubs from the front right side. Add a large garden and planting area. You could also make an enclosed area there and then extend a garden area out into the yard more. You could even do tiered planters across the front to add interest. Don't forget to plan lighting in the garden areas also. Love solar lights for accents.

Trim up the trees close to the house to open up the area.

What style of garage door are you considering?

Have fun and show us the updates!

~Like sands through the hourglass
~So are the days of our lives
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Picture of trish212
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We just updated our split level. I want to change the railings, too. I have one idea, my young adult daughter suggested brick and carving the house numbers into the stone. My house numbers were going to be carved out of wood with a solar light to shine from behind to be seen at night more easily.
Jason Cameron, from Desperate Landscapes, sister site, DIY, covered a house quite like this one on one of his shows. It was stunning! Maybe you could some ideas there. I wish I could recall the name of the show.....sorry.
Best wishes though!

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Picture of sjf
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don't forget to "walk" the neighborhood and see if there are other models of your home...and aside from a new roof (a must if in bad shape) don't over extend yourselves...that home is classic...from a "work" standpoint I might eliminate some of the lawn...
Posts: 8489 | Location: se mi | Registered: Sep 25, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Michelle_
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This is very similiar to our house which was built about 2000. I will take a new picture of the landscaping that grew in, plus we removed the railings on porch.

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Picture of Michelle_
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Trish & Melmo...would love to see your interior & exterior remodel projects, since split levels are quite unique.
Posts: 504 | Location: NE PA | Registered: Jul 15, 2009Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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