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  What comes first ... the roof or the paint color?
What comes first ... the roof or the paint color? Sign In/Join 
Hi guys!
We are about to have our windows replaced, roof replaced and new exterior paint. Overwhelmed with the choices and selections to be made. I think we are going to have roof first, windows next and then paint. Need help with color ideas for roof and house. The only "given" we have is brick leading up to front of house and on our walls. Those will not be changed but need a color to blend. Our ole house is built in the 50s and is in need of some attention and updating and am hoping all these things will give it some life. I've scoured the Houzz website looking for inspiration but it's hard when most of the homes featured are huge mansions and not your ordinary ranch. I have included some photos of house and brick, and possible roof color choices ... love to hear your ideas and suggestions! Thank you!


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Since there are an infinite number of paint colours to choose from, I think you are doing it in the right order. Roof first, paint last.
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I would pull a roof color that would coordinate with your brick and stone (steps/porch?). Most shingle selection offers something with some browns/tans. After that is chosen and up, then I would look for a paint color that comes from some of those porch stones and looks good with your brick.

I am assuming the yellow is brick you want to retain the color of? or is the white area the brick?
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I like to plan it all out in advance. I'd decide what color I thought was most appropriate for the style of the house and your personal preferences. How your windows factor in depends on the type of windows you want to install. When you have those two things chosen, I find it easier to pick a roof color-because there are plenty of options out there-that compliments how you want the overall house to look. Once I have all the elements chosen, then I would start the work and would likely do the roof first since if you have a bad roof, everything below it suffers.

Our place looks a little wonky because we wanted to paint the house, get the outside clean, repaired, and more attractive than it was. Our roof is green and doesn't do much for the exterior colors we've chosen, but since it isn't failing, it will stay until it needs replaced. When that time comes, we already know what color it will be due to the advance planning and we won't have to worry about whether it compliments the house. In the long run, it works best for us even if we have to live with the weird temporarily. It probably won't be too long before we'll have to replace it, so we don't find it bothersome. When the whole project is complete, what used to be the eyesore of the neighborhood will delight the neighbors, I'm sure.

Anyway, since you'll be doing this all at once-and I envy you for that!-take your time, make a plan, decide what you like color-wise, play with a million color chips if need be, and once you get excited about the plan you've chosen, you'll know you're ready to git it done!

One more thing. In what part of the country are you located? Knowing that helps making color suggestions more appropriate.

Good luck on breathing new life into the tired and weary...and keep us posted on the progress! We love to see fantastic changes!

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View roof shingle samples next to your brickwork to see which are compatible. Tho the roof is far from the brick, the whole picture is important. Look at neutrals such as tans, taupes, browns, grays. Carry a sample, once decided upon, of the shingle to the paint store to again, see what house colors work best factoring in the neighbors (if applicable). Then, select a front door color that compliments the facade of your home, but pops to call attention to it. The shutters could echo the roof color or the door color.
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There are two books on color that I use over and over, and I would suggest that if you can find them in your public library or bookstore they would be worth a read before you choose your colors.

"The Right Color", by Eve Ashcraft

"House Colors: Exterior Color by Style of Architecture", by Susan Hershman
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When ever clients hire me to consult on an exterior I always give the same advice. Start with the fixed materials that give you the least number of choices. Paint can always be "tweaked". Your selection of roofing materials may be limited, so don't back yourself into a corner with paint until you have planned out the other "hard" materials first.
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I am like Christie - I also have to plan out the whole project to give me direction. With that being said, the advice to pick the roof to match the items you probably won't change - the brick, the stone, windows. Paint can always be tweaked.

I also wouldn't finalize my paint color til the other stuff is installed. The light will change the colors a bit.

And how exciting....keep us up on the pictures!


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As far as seeing pictures already - I have used the real estate sites that list homes for sale. I will pull up homes in a neighborhood/suburb/school system - an area where people will pay attention to detail that will have similar style homes.

I have also been known to also drive thru those same neighborhoods.


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Paint is easily changed, but the expense of a roof is significant, so choose that first. Great advice above from everyone.
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