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  Uncertain on color schemes for new place?
Uncertain on color schemes for new place? Sign In/Join 
So I'd love to get some help/opinions.

I just bought a new place and am looking for furniture.

I'm thinking of going with a grey fabric sofa and then two white chairs, although then I'm not quite sure what color of a rug I should use in the living room?

And I'm not sure what shade of grey to make the sofa...a really dark shade, almost blackish, or go for medium grey.

I'll attach a picture. The brick is very much darkish grey, almost black and then has some lighter grey in it.

Also for the table, what you guys think? I like wood a lot but am having a hard time finding a wood that doesn't have too much red in it.

So far the best option is one from restoration hardware I think, but I'm not too sure if it's too rustic looking.


I prefer really modern/classy decor.
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I'm not too experienced with modern decor or how it would look in your space but do want to say I absolutely LOVE the table. What kind of chairs would you buy to go with it.

What kind of flooring is that?

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Start with a contemporary rug FIRST. It should feature the family of gray present ( hue value can vary), perhaps the brown of the cabinetry and an accent or two that speaks to you. A vibrant or muted accent can then be scattered around the spaces. It/they could be cool or warm colors depending on your lighting and the feel you seek. The gray or grays in the rug can dictate the gray and it's value that best suits the space. The accent color or colors can be repeated via pillows, an accent chair, a lamp base, window treatment to name a few. Mix in at least one more print (example: geometric, abstract, nature inspired, etc.) and lots of textures.

BTW, shop for the rug locally with a size in mind that will anchor your main grouping. Most retailers will allow you to try their rugs in your home for a day or so.
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That table is lovely but, as you said, it does not actually reflect modern, clean lines -- definitely more rustic. But what's wrong with mixing if you really love it?
I would have thought with your pattern you might have wanted to stick more with charcoal or ebony wood.
I love your kitchen.
As to the sofa, you can go either with the dark or lighter grey.
A patterned area rug will bring out some other textures.
You've got a good start.
Have fun playing with it.

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Do Google Image searches for designers Axel Vervordt and Daryl Carter. Axel created the look Restoration Hardware is doing, and Daryl does a more sophisticated American "rustic modern". See what you think of their looks and if you want to mix some raw texture in with the sleek architecture. Personally I think it's a great look. Going strictly with one homogenous look gives you a Hotel feel. If you want sleek almost sterile keep with one theme. If you want a little funk, some quirky personality, mix it up. My feeling is that you need a good plan. The texture of the brick has to show up someplace else. Either a chunky shag rug or a R.H. reclaimed looking D.R. table. But you need balance. Bring some paint chips home and put them on the marble. Are the gray veins a cool blue gray, or are they really a sort of seaweed greenish gray? It is one open space essentially so if you do go a little eclectic you will have to hold it all together with a tight, tight, tight color scheme. So get your grays correct and keep us posted.

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Also check out Terry Hunziker and Thad Hayes. You're not going to love everything any of these people do, because the art and antiques a client owns and the geographic location of the project often drives the design. Just check out several images from each designer and see if you get inspired. Even if it just a fabric or a color scheme or a drapery style.

Also, furniture lines like Stanley Furniture's Coastal Living or Lexington's 11 South have pieces that could look very cool in your space. You won't like every piece, but there may be a few pieces here and there. Plus these companies are way, way, less expensive than Restoration Hardware.
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Awesome space you have. You've already gotten some wonderful advice. I'm crazy about the RH table you posted; I almost bought it a few weeks back, but settled on a similar style from a local furniture retailer.

If you are not familiar with this web site, check it out:

You'll find lots of great information and inspiration on modern decor. I think it is one of the most fascinating sites out there.
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Thanks for all the replies, and compliments on my space. This is all really helpful.

I do like the RH table and I think I combining something more rustic with modern as well would be great. Table-wise, it's just become an issue of options. I'm finding I'm limited in what's available, so this seems like the best fit (I'm in Canada, so maybe fewer choices). I called an online place about a pewter table today, but at 10k, I think I'll have to pass. Too bad, that would have been very cool.

The grey in the granite is more bluish I'd say than anything, not strong blue by any means, but more blue than seaweed color.

Couch design wise I have a few options.

And then there's one more, one of my favorites actually they don't have online - it's the Piper model if anyone's seen it. Of course with urban I can choose my fabric completely.

I'm thinking a medium grey may be the best bet for the couch. I'm not sure anymore I want to go too dark in case I do some black accenting.

So rug-wise you think grey color is also best?

Chairs I"m not too sure, I was thinking maybe this one:

But I may go with something more like this:

Probably either grey or white I think.

I'll definitely look through those sites though and do a Google search for the designers. Mostly I've just been looking on Houzz so this should help as well. Smile

oh and the flooring is hardwood - it's a very greyish dark brown in real life. The picture color seems to be slightly off. It's giving off a browner tone than what the place actually is (more grey with hints of brown).
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