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  Color palatte suggestions?
Color palatte suggestions? Sign In/Join 
Hello....I just moved into a condo and am struggling with visualizing a color palatte for my master bedroom. Can anyone make some suggestions based on the following? Thanks!

The carpet is a light beige/white berber, and the walls are a warm gray. The bedframe is gray (powder coated steel). Unfortunately my dressers are white, so at the moment the room is very heavy on white/beige down below. I'm thinking I need some darker, bold colored art on the walls, and/or a dark rug. I think a rug on carpet is a no no, though.
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Even though I am a pro at this, I think it is really hard to pull a color scheme out of your head. It takes work, and how I work on a color scheme is to look at things with my eyes, not my imagination.

I would approach your situation by going out and looking at things. Look at fabrics, art, photography, nature, ribbons, china patterns, anything that you are attracted to that might suggest a scheme. It sounds like you will have to work with the gray in the bed frame and the white in the dresser, and perhaps the carpet. The walls are easily painted, so don't worry about that color. Bring things home if you can to see how the colors you are looking at work in your space. Buy a half yard of fabric, or whatever, to use as your inspiration and start that way. You will find that your color scheme develops much easier that way.
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One of my design classes... some of the students were scratching their heads as to how to come up with a color plan.

The teacher said 'a good place to start, is to look at great pieces of art, or high end fabrics where the company paid that designer a lot of money to come up with a winning combination of colors'....

Great place to start... at the top! Then you can see how the colors were combined to create a palette YOU like and makes you feel good...

You can always have paint samples mixed and or find paint samples those colors... and have paint matched, and find similar colors in fabrics...

It is always a process to find what you love... somethings we love for 'the moment' like a flash in the pan...
and other things and colors we LOVE longer... find the ones that you love the longest... you will be not only decorating your home, BUT finding what you love that you will ALWAYS love... even if it is just the start of a collection (or hobby).

Good luck with your project!
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Another way to go is to use black and white photography as inspiration: a monochromatic scheme using the concept of grayscale, from the whitest gray to black. By adding solid items with lots of texture and tone on tone patterns -- even wall coverings -- you can create a highly sophisticated and soothing bedroom.

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White on white is a stunning combination and quite the thing these days.
Having said that, a great way to add some pizzazz to your palate is with a really neat looking painting of your choice and accessories that bring out a bit of pop.
You can do it. All it takes is your own natural taste and preferences. It will work!
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Indeed, I have always advised to draw scheme inspiration from a print that you love. You have a blank canvas since the flooring, furnishings and wall are neutrals. A punch of accent or three via a print is all you need to get the ball rolling. Factor in the room's lighting and the feel you wish to evoke. If sticking with a monochromatic scheme it is important to feature varied hue values, print interest and textures.

It is fine to lay an area rug atop a carpet. In the case of a bedroom though, it should either be large enough to reveal the pattern and colors OR place it on the diagonal toward the foot of the bed. A dramatic area rug may be just the ticket to set the tone and scheme for your bedroom. It should have a bit of gray to tie it to the walls and bed, if you keep the walls gray to unit them.

Dotting the room with punctuations of black will add depth and drama whereas, white, which you have, will keep things light/bright.

Another source for print interest is via a comforter. Whatever the inspirational print is, scatter the scheme around the room.
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Aychi, I have you to blame when I go broke!
I just finished upgrading my Master bath and now you DARE to post that neat looking bedroom with all my favorite colors?
I have no project at the moment and am staring at the four walls.
I am ready now to tweak the basic look of my Master bedroom.
It means working around my headboard wall of aubergine and changing to SW Pussywillow on the other 3 walls to match my silver grey carpet.
But here's the rub:
It means shopping for a charcoal throw rug of the same type as in the picture and placing it at the foot of the bed.
It means finding a charcoal throw similar to the one in the picture to put on my white comforter.
It means finding charcoal shams without having to buy an entire set of bedding.
It means tearing my hair out trying to find these things.
And because it is your fault that I am in this predicament, it means you (or any other wonderful expert here) will hopefully find it in your hearts to jump in and help me find those 3 things.
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Picture of aychihuahua
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Wow! You're good, girl!
I want something less shiny and more contemporary and also charcoal rather than medium dark grey.
I will now do some work on my own and come up with sumpin' or other.
Many thanks for getting me started.
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These are all very helpful suggestions/starting points. Thanks everyone!
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Picture of Gwenda
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I am late to the discussion but both of you might find a fabric you like to make shams for your bed. If you can sew simple ones are not difficult. If you don't, find someone to make them. Or check out the many places where single shams can be purchased
I had just two made a couple of years ago of a sage green with brown print and used dark brown fabric for a largish, ruched cording around it. Looks stunning on my off-white quilt and greenish bedskirt that I made out of a large remnant. I place the print ones in front of the off-white euro sham covered pillows that match the quilt. I literally tripped over a smocked pillow in dark brown in some store like Marshalls that stacks in front of the printed pillows. (I have a Wesley Allen iron bed in a weathered cedar finish--a sort of brown.)
This was for my last house--I liked it so much I moved these to my new home and brought in the brown velvet loveseat I had moved but wasn't quite sure were to put. This with the slightly greenish grey walls, deep brown wood floors, some taffeta panels (bought on sale, of course) in a complimentary green on bronze rods looks cool and inviting. To finish I have some in-expensive off-white shaggy rugs (that I can throw in the washer) that are on each side of the bed to give the feet something warm to land on when we first get up. I will eventually replace these with something better but for now they look good and they work. For a bright spot of color I use a vase of bright colored flowers either fresh or silk and a single print on the wall. My current print is a little wimpy in color so I am looking to replace it with a Sara Eyestone print in the vivid colors she uses or perhaps a very large flower photo in sepia tones. The jury is still out on this like it is with the rugs. Of course, then there are new lampshades needed since my old ones are a bit yellowed. It is an on-going project.

When I get tired of the sage/brown print I will have new shams made and continue to use the off-white quilt as long as it looks fresh. All I will need to do is find a fabric with a bit of the green in it to freshen the room without a lot of expense as I continue to use the panels (I have four very tall windows so that is a lot of fabric and expensive to change out if they are in good shape.)
This is supposed to be our "forever house" and is probably the last one we will decorate so I am enjoying it. If we don't end up in a nursing home I plan to be cared out feet first!(Probably saying something like "But I wanted to change the lampshades first...)
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