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  why does this always happen?
why does this always happen? Sign In/Join 
Picture of lady of shallot
Why does a relatively simple job turn into a real project? This seems to happen with everything.

Here is our last case in point. We needed a hanging lamp as one had died. Seems they are not as common now as when we bought this lamp but we definitely needed this style as no room for either a standing or a table lamp and we also really needed a lamp for reading. Made an extensive search online and at stores (not exhaustive, just extensive) Happily found one at Home depot and although the tag at the display lamp said 49.95, in fact the lamp was only 36.95

Looked very nice, we bought it, unwrapped it at home and discovered it had a cord cover. This would normally be a nice feature but our cord had to go between the cover of the radiator and the bookcase wall on which the lamp would hang.

We could remove the cord cover by cutting off the plug but that didn't seem the best option on a new lamp. We ended up doing the necessary re-construction on the radiator cover itself.

The cord cover is at least 3' long when all screwed together (we let last length just dangle) it seems to me this would be a high height to have a reading lamp hang on a wall, doesn't it? Oh and the screws that came with the lamp were too long to use on the wood that the lamp has to hang from.

Anyway what is your latest story of a molehill task turning into a mountain?

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Picture of junk collector
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Yep. And with nearly every single "simple" task I try to do and for many of the reasons you state. Replacing an older item with its modern equivalent just isn't possible without disruption. It is something that drives us nuts in our house and there are some items we never want to tamper with as the effort and or cost to replace would be ridiculous. In order to upgrade the heating and cooling, we first had to upgrade our electric panel. To install a storm door we had to special order one. And so on and so on. Doesn't matter if the project is big or small. I want to swap the living room and the tv room to make better use of space. No cable cords stretch to that wall, so we will have to run a cable or go wireless.

To be fair, we live in a 40+ year old home that is mostly original.

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Know what you mean. Always happens to us whenever we need to do something, even if just a repair. Replaced a toilet in the main bath. Ds could do it except that the new water source on the toilet wouldn't fit into the pipe from the wall. Had to call a plumber. Something that shouldn't have taken long, took a longer time.


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