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  Decorating around a blue bathroom
Decorating around a blue bathroom Sign In/Join 
Good morning all! We are redecorating a bedroom for our 13 year old daughter! She has a requested a purple and orange decor! Yikes! To make matters worse, the bedroom is next to her bath which is old blue tile from the 50s ... should I just go with it and ignore the blue or convince her to change her color scheme ... having a hard time with inspiration for this one!

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Well, you could cheat a wee bit.
There are purple-blues that could play right into the blue bathroom scheme. As for the orange, you could use it more sparingly and also include pale peach tones in accessories to lighten things up a bit.
Towels in the bathroom could be a combo of purple, blue and orange.
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Generally speaking, I am a fan of allowing artistic expression in these private spaces especially if they are young children's spaces. That being said, I also believe in cross pollinating the room schemes to a degree to unify them. Importantly, compromise is key and involving the able bodied juvenile in the entire process. The latter point is vital as it is a teaching tool. When your child requests a decorating change such as paint, their contribution should not stop at their chip choices. If you don't trust their painting skills, they can contribute to the cost or prep work. In doing so, they will have a greater appreciation for what's involved and will also be less likely to change their minds in short time. They not only will learn what the process entails, but will gain a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Back to the "cross pollinating". Find a printed fabric, art, rug or paper that will serve as scheme inspiration that will dictate the color families you can carry into the bathroom. Keep in mind that the orange can serve as an accent color that you can use in both spaces. In the bath, it can be incorporated via towels, rug, accessories. In the bedroom, it could be found in printed pillows, sheets, lamp base, window topper to name a few examples. Remember to view chips under the bathroom light. Blues and purples can work harmoniously such as a turquoise with a purple but find that all important inspirational print for guidance. Perhaps a new comforter could become the springboard to unify the spaces. A floral, nature inspired, multi stripe or dot, a paisley, a block print, abstract or geometric are candidates depending on her selection. Be practical in selecting the print so she will neither tire easily from it and it will grow with her. Theme prints are generally short lived.

Do keep the youth involved in the entire process and if they desire something costly, do not feel reluctant to negotiate a less expensive substitute or their monetary contribution. Have fun engaging in this decorating project with your child.

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I also like the idea of finding some fabric that includes the colors she finds HOT. Decorators and designers have often done the difficult work for the rest of us, in designing fabrics of current trends.

If you purchase a 4x8 foot piece of homasote board (it is a paper based, light weight, insulation board that has a similar texture and give as corkboard, without the stink), and covered with the trendy fabric, hung on the wall, it can help pull the colors into the space (plus create a great bulletin board for anything she would like to hang up on it). Pillows or throws using the same or coordinating colored fabric can tie it all together.

With printed fabric, usually along the selvage edge you can often find the strip of dye colors that create the print. It can be a handy guide to carry with you when choosing paint, towels, accessories and such.
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It helps me to get paint swatches and match colors. I would start with the shade of blue of the tile and work out from there, you might be surprised with the shades that will work together.

I think the other posters have good ideas. Good luck and post photos before and after.

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Well, purple looks good with lie and so does orange so maybe just pull one of the colors into the bathroom with a fun shower curtain and towels.mhey, it's for a teenager, make it fun and change it in years to come when she goes off to school etc
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