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Back in 1998 our house burnt down and was a complete loss. It was very devatating. We have two children. At that time they were 8 and 2 years old. We had a new house built on the same land. The builder took a year to build our house. Our insurance would only pay the rent on our rental house for six months due to the fact that the builder told them it would be done in that time. So even tho it wasen't done they still stopped paying our rent. So for six months we paid rent plus a morgage. Also we lost everything in the fire and we didn't have enough coverage in out insurance to cover the rebuild of the structure so we had to use the content money toward the building of the house. So for the longest time we all slept together on one mattress on the floor. we got hand me down furnature and clothes. We finally pieced our lives back together. During this time while our house was being built the builder came to us and said that when they were digging the footings they hit water! We asked what that ment and what we could do and he said there was nothing we could do. That once they dugg down they had to stay there. We did warn them that we have a high water tabble and to be careful not to go to deep. They blew us off as to say they know what there doing. So after they hit the water we then knew that we were going to be dealing with water issues in our basement. The Basement floor was poored during the winter and they used heaters to dry them and it didn't cure right and we ended up with a basement floor that was crumbling when you walked over it. Again the bulider said there was nothing he could do about it beause the subcontractor he used was not going to fix it. Well it didn't take long and we got water in our basement. So we did what we could to try to prevent water from coming in. We sealed the walls and floor. We put in a sub floor and finished the basement. Within 2 years the floor had gotten wet repeadly. Eventually we tore up the floor and threw everything out. The walls are still up. They have not been water damaged due to the fact that we put the sub floor in and the walls didn't start until about 4 inches off the floor. I still have a feeling that there is some mold issues behind the walls tho. My husband is not a very handy man and he does not want to tear out the walls. Partly because it's very devastating to do it. It's like a loss all over again. everytime we loose something again from that basement it's like a n
knife twisting in our stomach. Last Feb. we took out a $ 10,000 loan to waterproof our basement. Since then we have had water in our basement 4 times! We feel so hopeless. We don't know what else to do. The basement is making me sick. I have fibromyalgia and it causes me to have a low immune system. I am very sensitive to mold and I fear that my house is going to make me so sick that I won't be able to live here. My husband and I do not make a lot of money. We are both teachers. I work at a private school so I get paid very little. we live paycheck to paycheck. I thought the loan for the waterproofing would do the job but it hasen't and we have nothing left to pull from. I would very much appreciate any help that we could get. I watch your show all the time. I've never written in to anything before I don't play the lottery I know that things that happen on TV. probably won't happen to us. But if you could find it in your heart to give a struggling family a well deserved break I would forever pay it forward.
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Mike does not read this board. Perhaps you could check his web site. But he works in the Toronto area and unless you live there you will have to look elsewhere.
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I don't know about Mike but what I would suggest you is, you take a week's off from your work. Be with your family and spend time with them coz family is the best healer in any kinda crisis situation.

Cloud Real Estate
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